cuten's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


CLOSED will open in 1-2 months, check my twitter for updates

Make sure to catch my sketch commission streams ^^

I stream nearly every commission I draw, if you’d like to watch and make changes in real time that’d be great!

I only use paypal, don't bother with Venmo or apple pay.
Different pieces take longer to draw, but average (non-extravagant) pieces take a maximum of two months.
Any deadline under 2 months is subject to a rush fee which will be based on how big of a piece it is and how close the dead line is.
I take breaks in between drawing frequently, so I may not work on your piece for a day or two and then come back to it. That being said, any requests for an update on your commission that are not at least a few days between each other are unnecessary.
You will receive updates before I line, before coloring, and before shading to make sure you like everything. You will have to approve the drawings before I continue working. This will be the default, if you'd rather not be updated so you won't have to approve each step then please say so.
Refunds are available based on how much of the drawing is completed after 2 months of the time of purchase.

Will Do / Won't Do

I love size difference, macro/micro, and same size vore. Implied vaginal vore is a plus as far as what I like.
No unclean/bodily waste such as vomit, scat, burping, farting, and golden showers.
Only feminine bodied predators(feminine boys are in this category). I wont do detailed masculine bodies because frankly im bad at it and need practice, and I'd rather you get the good result you paid for.
No underaged models, this includes mascots. If a character is late teens/ nearly an adult I'll age them up(with visual differences to show their age). I won't age up younger teens/children simply because it makes me uncomfortable.
No hardcore bdsm please.
No bara or overly muscular characters, toned is okay, this is also because i need more practice with them.
Non-fetish pinups are my forte.
No dicks, sorry! I just want to practice them before I charge people for em

I don't draw absolutely gigantic bellies often, if you ask for the biggest belly I can draw on the character it's probably not that big.

Anything else is either what I'm comfortable with or what I don't know of, and is welcome for consideration.

I am very comfortable drawing my own characters interacting with yours, as long as the idea fits within the criteria above. I'm ok with making my preds become prey.


There's so many more factors I take into consideration for vore art over sfw non-fetish pinups that I can't give hard set prices. Because of pose, perspective, angle, etc; I will only be giving ballpark estimates of the prices.

Any adopts you have bought from me contribute to 15% off your commission.
What will add to the base cost-
Complex clothing, hair, markings, fur such as; Wings, very long hair, many layers of clothing.
Rush fees, as stated in rules.
Certain fetishes.
Detailed prey.

Fullbody sketches: $50+ (flatcolor included)
Fullbody shading: $90+

Thigh ups take 25% off the price of whichever tier you choose

Headshots are always shaded and lined for $35 with rare price fluctuations. More than happy to add little accessories like drinks or simple animations. These are plain and simple; not fetish related.

Comics are priced by what is in the frames.


PM ME HERE or preferably, dm me on twitter


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open