dotto's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


(( This is still accurate as of now, but this is in the process of being reworked! ))

-I open commissions through journals.

-I reserve the right to decline a commission at my discretion.

-Payments are upfront through paypal, USD. I will send an invoice before beginning work.

-I don't recommend commissioning me if you are looking for something time sensitive. Pieces can take up to 2 months maximum.

-Provide paypal email, detailed descriptions, reference images, and drawing type preference (sketch, flats, etc) upon inquiry request/in PM. I MAY work with you if you have no reference sheet for your character, but it’ll be an additional 60 dollar charge.

-I will assume permission to post artwork by default unless otherwise stated. That said, I do private commissions!

-I will charge edits at my discretion. I'm pretty lenient on these, especially during earlier stages and minor lineart changes. However, if I feel its too excessive or something that could've been resolved at an earlier stage, I will require additional pay. This does not include oversights on my part.

-Refunds will be dependent on amount of work completed.

Will Do / Won't Do

Things more in line with my personal tastes will generally take precedence. (I really enjoy M/f, masculine men, with large pred and small prey.)

Will do:
Humanoid characters, monsterboys/girls
Size Difference
Same size
Male predators (M/f, M/?)(masculine highly preferred, but femboys or the like are ok)
Stuffing (male)

Media characters (Eastern preferred over Western, animated only)
Macro/micro Cock vore (little experience)
Dragons/monsters/pokemon (vore only, no genitals or explicit porn)
SFW/NSFW furry
Minor weight gain, mostly belly focused
(I'm currently less interested in what's below here.)
Hyper sizes
Large prey/small pred
Excessive weight gain, especially with focus on ass + hips
Paneled sequences/"pages" with multiple drawings (I’m still new to these and drawing them is intimidating for me, so 3+ drawings will have an additional fee.)

(Things in "Maybe" can range from things I have little experience in but would be willing to try, things I don't mind drawing occassionally but don't want to do too often, or kinks that lie a bit too far out of my own preference. I am more willing to do some things with higher rate offers. This especially applies if it’s something out of my preferences that I’ve drawn frequently recently. A lot of times, this will be case by case, so please do ask!)

Female preds (F/f, F/m, F/?)
Female stuffing
Vacuum/skin tight bulges, face imprints (handprints ok)
Anal vore
Feral NSFW
Explicit gore
Toilet play
Character design

These are USUALLY no, but I'm not 100% against it. This is generally reserved for friends or very circumstantial situations. You may be able to convince me with additional charge.
M/m vore
Cum inflated females (light)

Note: Nonvore M/m is totally fine, though I prefer M/f. I don't do F/f. Nonsexual/SFW of any gender/gender pairing is fine.


Sketch(only grayscale)
+$10 additional character each

Flat Sketch
+$25 additional character each

+37 additional character each

+25% increase for internal shots for all tiers.

These are base prices! Things like props, more complex backgrounds, or other complexities may be subject to additional charges. "Alts" will also be an additional charge, price depending on content involved.

(Prey character's tails outside of the predators mouth don't count as additional character or "stick figure", undetailed micros/tinies.)