fixated1's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Please be clear in describing what you want. Take your time. I will begin sketches no sooner than 48 hours after you send what you want in case you change your mind or need to add some details. I may ask for details and clarification. I am meticulous about understanding what people want.

Understand that this isn't my primary job, and there may be times where you have to wait longer. Trust me. Rushing your art out will make both of us unhappy with it.

References are appreciated, and I may ask for some kind of image to convey what you're after.

While I sometimes will give free art out, it will be announced through journals or I will message someone on my terms. I will not give you free art if you ask for it, and I am not obligated to give you free art if you surprise me with something for free. I determine my prices and they are not up for negotiation. I put in a lot of effort and hours into my art. If you don't feel it's worth it, there's plenty of other artists out there.

I allow my line art to be colored by other artists.
If I make a mistake, I correct it for free. If you are changing it, cost will depend on how drastic and how far into the process I am. Sketches are proposals do not count toward this. But past the initial sketch stage it will.

- I retain the right to post it on the web in high and low resolution images in galleries. This is how I advertise.
- You retain rights to your character. I am not allowed to depict them in other images or commissions without your permission. This means no "surprise gifts". Because a surprise gift can actually be someone getting art of someone else's character without permission.
- The artwork you receive is yours. You may have line art colored by someone else if you can find an artist willing to do it.
- You may post the artwork on the web. Please credit me when doing so.
- Unused proposal sketches may be used to make other artwork for other clients or other pieces (your character will not be depicted, just the poses/settings).

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:
Pin-ups, porn, erotic art, fetish art, humans, animals, furries, MLP, different creatures, weapons and armor, and other fan art.

Won't do:
Not much. I won't depict underage or things that look underage in explicit scenarios. Watersports and scat. I may decline other things if I don't feel up to the task or am uncomfortable with them.


I use Paypal at [email protected]

Prices. Ignore these. I've since lowered them and furaffinity has my current prices. I'll edit these soon.

line art (no color or shading, clean lines): $50
icon art (colored small square image of a bust or simple image waist up): $60
Cel shaded (full body, simple background, colored) $80
Painted character (full body, simple background in a painted style) $120
Animated style illustration (cell shaded character, painted background) $150
Full painting (painted character, painted background) $240

Comic pages (cel shaded characters semi-simple background, up to 9 panels per page) $200/page
Additional characters and more complex backgrounds are extra)

Character design (simple coloring, focused on technical and color accurate depiction multiple angles) $200

Optional add ons:
- extra characters
- complex character/clothing/item design
- complex background
- other add ons that are difficult/time consuming.

These items are priced on a per case basis for now.


Refunds are 100% until drawing starts. After I show sketches it's 75%. After it's done there are no refunds.


PM me here, or find me on furaffinity at

I'm on Discord: friskydingo #2838

Email: [email protected]


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