gachabork's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


requests will get you a short story, artwork, or short animation. make sure the queue has an open slot before you request.

if you can, please put as much info as possible in your FIRST message (what kind of poses, facial expressions, clothing, camera angles and such would be a good starting point), as i don't want to do guesswork and create something you might not enjoy, and/or go back and forth with short messages like "yeah i take commissions." "okay."

i ask that you credit me if you do happen to reupload my work elsewhere, DMCA is a thing, i will know, yadda yadda

Will Do / Won't Do

will do: vore and inflation of any kind, unbirth, stuffing, general smut both solo and girlxgirl. futanari as well.

won't do: straight/male, underage (or age up underaged characters), toilet stuff, gore/guro.

i prefer original characters over licensed ones, but am open to discussion.

if you have anything that doesn't fall under any of these categories but still want, let me know.


free of charge, but I'm busy these days and only work on animations at night before bed, so finish time will take a while or not long at all depending on certain factors.

please be warned that i may drop your item from the queue unfinished, likely without warning. it is unfortunate, but as i am doing this for pleasure and not money, if i don't find it interesting or fun i have no incentive to keep going.


you can always yell at me here if you're wondering how the request is going but you can also dm me on discord (gacha#6115)


  1. Status: 0% - OC Unbirth Animation for SearKahn
  2. Status: 0% - OC Story for Crox
  3. Status: 0% - Hetalia Story for ProudVWriter
  4. Status: 0% - OC Inflation Animation for Discord friend