hunnter's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No

Will Do / Won't Do

- Oral Vore
- All genders (Female, Male, Herm, Other)
- Soft vore
- Hard vore (Gore, cooking, prep etc.)
- Digestion (Either graphic, or "melty")
- Any character or race (Anthro, human, elf, feral, etc.)

- Unbirthing, anal vore, cock vore
- Scat, diapers, farting
- Exagerated genetalia

If you would like something that isn't in the above lists then just ask! :)
I reserve the right to turn down any commission if I don't feel comfortable doing it
I will only draw OC's with permission from their respective owner


2 characters £30
Additional char's +£10 each


Flat colors (No shading):
2 characters £40
Additional char's +£15 each


Fully shaded colours:
2 characters £60
Additional char's +£15 each


Full page comics:
£150 per full page (A4, 300 DPI)

Square panel comics:
£25 per panel


Prices for other formats (such as portraits, emotes, pinups, etc.) will vary based on complexity. Feel free to ask for a quote! ^w^



1. 50% of payment up front, 50% upon completion
I will start work after receiving the first 50%, and I will send the completed artwork and/or writing upon receipt of the final 50%. All payments are final.

2. 100% of payment up front
I will send periodic sketches and WIP's at each stage of the process. You will be able to suggest up to 3 small changes or tweaks at any point before completion.

I accept payments through PayPal


Contact me via PM, or through discord hunnter#8897


  1. Status: In Progress
  2. Status: In Progress