joshfang96's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


I accepted requests, trades and commissions, (if anyone is interested that is) But i do have my limits, so i'm going to lay out the rules.

#1:Please be patient while i'm doing your requests, trades etc.
I'm not a printer that can constantly pump out pics LoL.

#2:I accepted papal payment through invoice or money send option.

#3:Sketches for pics and comics are Payment up front before i start.

#4:You get 3 chances to make changes to the sneak peek of the comics before i start coloring. Once i start coloring, there's no going back to having some changes. so make them count.This falls in for color pics and color comics.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:
male vore
female vore
femboy vore
cock vore
soul vore
human pred/pery

Things that i MAYBE/MIGHT draw (if i like the idea):
hard vore
graphic digestion
Underaged pred/prey

Will not draw:

And that's pretty much it. if i miss some things, you can just pm me and ask me question of what you like to see. Pretty much i might not like the idea depends of the idea i like.


Sketch pic:$3
color pic:$4
Sketch comics:$5
A color comics:$10

Digital art:
Sketch pic:$2
color pic:$5
Sketch comics:$4
Color comics:$10

Note:Add on characters and pages Do not add up to the prices, For an example: if you want a comic sequence with color. It will still remain $10 of that price.
So you could add on as much characters/background as you like.


You can contact me here in PM's or email me down below.

[email protected]


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