jyoster's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Howdy, and thank you for taking your time in coming to check this out. Now then, in regards to the rules about commissions.

-You should be clear with what you want me to do, as I work better with more details.

-Be polite, if you end up being too mean or clingy, I'll end the negotiation.

-If you want me to do something related to a franchise, provide info about it if I don't know it. Note that there are some that I won't accept.

-I do require to be paid in advance once I'm halfway done, to make sure you're willing to pay for the work. Assuming you go with the commission option.

-Be patient, sometimes life can prevent me from working, so please understand if I end up delaying the project.

Will Do / Won't Do

+List is subject to change:

Things I'll do:
-Female pred/prey
-Male prey
-Human pred/prey
-Demihuman pred/prey
-Soft vore
-Oral vore
-Same size
-slight size difference
-Weight gain
-big bellies
-stuffed bellies
-Object swallowing
-cruel pred
-kind pred
-accidental vore
-Casual vore
-young pred/prey
-chubby pred/prey
-Non-lewd pics
-Implied digestion/fatality/vore
-willing/unwilling prey/pred

Things I "may" do:
-Anal vore
-Big breasts
-hard vore
-graphic digestion

Things I won't do:
-Male pred
-feral pred
-excessive gore
-extreme fat body/slob
-CV/anything related to cock/balls
-huge butt/breasts
-Monster pred
-soul vore
-Tail vore
-Breast vore
-dirty Anal vore


For Stories:
1k to 5k: $10 per 1k words
6k to 10k: $15 per 1k words
11k to 15k and above: $20 per 1k words

For Drawings:
-Sketch : $15
-" with color: $20
-" With color and shading: $25

-A simple background won't add to the pricing, but if you want a more detailed background, it'll cost an extra $10 to the total result.

+Additional characters will cost an additional $5 for each one.

+If your idea is more complex than usual (complex design/complex pose), I may raise the price, but this will be negotiable.

+The pricing functions like a tiering system. If the story you want exceeds a new tier of pricing, you have to pay for it in whole.

Currently, I'm mostly accepting Nintendo Eshop gift cards and prepaid gift cards as payment. this will change once I open a depositing account.


You can send me a PM over to me if you're interested. But if a discussion is to be had, you'll have to contact me over at Discord. Jyoster#5171

Note that you'll need to ask for permission through the PM here if you want to talk at Discord. Once we establish what we want, I'll get to work on the project.


Anyways, Have a great day.


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