kdanielss' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


- Payment Upfront, if the payment is over 150$ multiple payments can be negotiated

- Payment is through PayPal via Invoice sent to the commissioner

- Single image, 1-9 panel Comics or Animation loops

- One character + background, or two character without background. For two characters + background the cost would be X1.5 for the presented price

- Comics prices are set by the number of panels

- Animation Loops prices will increase if the character actions are more complex than presented in the set examples

Will Do / Won't Do

Will: Soft-Vore, Oral (Mouth), Internals (Swallowing, stomachs), Mild-Digestion, Giants/Giantess, Humans, Furries, Feet, Micro/Macro, Same-Size

Won't: Nudity, Scat, Weird-Vore (Cock-Vore, Unbirth, Anal-Vore, Tit-Vore, Tail-Vore), Weirder Stuff (Futa, Fart, Waterworks, Babyfurs)

Maybe: hard-vore, graphic digestion

Anything unmentioned must be asked directly


10$ - Doodles

20$ - Lineart

30$ - Flat Colours

45$ - Cel-Shaded

55$ - Textured

80$ - Fully Painted

100$ - 2D Cutout Animation Loop

Comics are priced by panels (same price as the single pictures) with each additional panel detract 5% from the total price. comics can be up to 9 panels long.


Through this Commission Form https://goo.gl/forms/t5GerksIHu7m9hV52


  1. Status: Open for Commission
  2. Status: Open for Commission
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  5. Status: Open for Commission