lutro's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


You must be 18 or older!

If you're interested at all or have any questions, just message me! I'll be happy to chat to suss any ideas out.

The Short Short Version
PayPal only. $30 = 2,000 words (4 pages), +$10 per +1,000 words (+2 pages). Soft vore w/feral pred, feral/other prey are my strong suit. Rutting before/during/after in the scene also great (optional)! See below for details!

On Commission Requests
When you submit a request, try to give as much information as possible as to what you'd like to see included. Here are some places to get started. None of these are required, but the more detail you give the more accurately I can bring your ideas to light!

Posting Options
There are two primary options for how I post my works to my galleries (here, FA, and IB). I reserve the right to post them anywhere, but when you commission me you have a couple options for how you would like to appear in them:

* Credited: I post the work to my gallery, and credit you (by username) in the description, linked to your profile (e.g. "This story was commissioned by Example!" with "Example" linking to Example's gallery page).
* Anonymous: I post the work to my gallery as an anonymous commission (e.g. "This story was commissioned by anonymous!"). Your name will never be shown or mentioned.

Information to Include (More = Better!)
* Setting/Environment
* Summary (couple sentences describing the story as a whole)
* Main Characters (ref sheets optional but nice to have)
* Word Count / Story Length (we can hash this out together if need be)
* Scenes that have prominent focus (i.e. what are you looking forward to reading?)

Feel free to submit sequel requests! If you have a previous work already completed (by me or someone else) and want to see the next chapter, I'm open to it! Just be sure you have the rights/permission to all characters within the story before submitting the request.

The Writing Process
Once the payment is received, the writing will begin. Length of time to complete the story naturally varies based on the desired story length. Deadlines will be discussed when the commission is set up.

I'm flexible with document formats, and we can discuss which you'd like when the commission is established. Once you have it, you may post or distribute it as you see fit, but you must link back to this account (or my FurAffinity account) for credit, and you mustn't change the author information posted within the story.

Will Do / Won't Do

* Characters can be most types of feral species. Anthro-ish characters I get a little more picky about and usually reject.
* Plant predators (think piranha plant-like, though can be more generic too) are perfectly fine.
* Underage/loli is great (for prey)! No toddlers/infants.
* If you want to use someone else's character, you must have them send me a PM granting permission to do so.
* Some character types I won't write include: Human predators; male humans; (most) male anthros; mechs/robots; undead (zombies, etc.); toddlers/infants; stand-ins for real life individuals (regardless of age).

* Almost Always: Unwilling vore. Soft/Oral vore. Same-size/unchanged size vore. Fatal vore (Includes belching up clothes/bones/etc. as disposal.) Sex before/during/after vore.
* Sometimes: Cock vore, unbirth (requires cum-based disposal/digestion); Non-Vore scenarios (adventure, slice of life, romance, etc.)
* Once in a While: Micro/Macro; Minor scat/disposal
* Never: Non-fatal vore (via reformation, fulltour, etc). Unwilling pred. Willing prey. Hard vore/snuff. Detailed/gory digestion/wounds. Heavy scat. Urine/scatplay. Anal vore. Vampire/vampiric vore. Detailed Cooking/Preparation.

The above lists are not exhaustive. If you have any doubt whether or not your idea will be accepted, shoot me a PM anyway! I won't bite. The worst I can do is decline. I won't hate you for it!


* Price is by word count. Cheapest option is $30 = 2,000 words, or about 4 pages.
* Can add words in $10 increments: +$10 = +1,000 words (+2 pages)
* $60 = 5,000 (10 pages), $110 = 10,000 (20 pages), etc.
* WordCounter ( ) used for official counting.
* PayPal only.
* Payment required up-front.
* If I end up writing more than the paid-for word count, that's on me and no extra charges will occur (within reason).

You should have a general idea of how long you want your story to end up being. If your idea appears large, but you also have a maximum budget/word count of only 3,000 words, we'll discuss and reconcile the two factors together to come up with something that works.


PM me here or on FurAffinity, or send me a message via Discord. The instant messaging programs are great to use if you questions or just want to say hello!


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