nephilim's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


You will receive written pieces that serve to ensnare the senses and seduce the mind. However; I must have the tiniest glimmer of a 'connection' to your ideas in order for me to produce quality work.

Chances are if you feel strongly about your proposal, I will too.

Will Do / Won't Do

Please note, you may feel free to borrow any of my characters for your story requests. I do not mind.

Won't do:
1. F/M
2. Scat/scatological activities
3. Anal vore
4. Dull, flat, one-dimensional characters

Intrigued by:
1. F/F
2. Unbirthing
3. Cock vore
4. Antropomorphic characters (furries)
5. Monsters / Creatures
6. Same-size vore
7. Consensual
8. Fan-fiction

Will do:
1. M/F
2. Hard / soft vore
3. All stages of oral vore (upper digestive track)
4. All stages of digestion (lower digestive track)
5. Graphic vore
6. Magic realism
7. Unique, believable, multi-dimensional characters
8. Macro/Micro
9. Non-consensual
10: Consensual
11: Graphic sex


1.5¢ a word.

Please be advised you will be receiving work with lots of delicious descriptors, creative prose and delightful dialogue.


Please contact me here.
I check my PMs regularly.


  1. Status: Completed - The Borrowers: Honeyed Words for Conn
  2. Status: Completed - The Borrowers: Great Tree for Conn