nnn4463's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Some rules:

No underage pred or prey. Ruby being 15 is a push for me as is

No nudity. I may do underwear stuff but if it's someone else's character I will need to ask their permission first

Nothing sexual or sex related. This includes anal vore and unbirth

No furries or animals

No scat

Payment must be sent after I confirm your commission. DO NOT SEND MONEY BEFORE CONFIRMATION. It will not guarantee you a commission and will just annoy me to the point where I may block you from asking for commissions

I hold the right to deny any idea I do not like or want to do. Could include if the character is needlessly complicated or if the idea is something I am not comfortable with

You MUST credit me if you repost the art


Full body pose (Shaded and coloured) - £10 (£6+per additional full body)
Background (Detailed) - +£5

Cut away - +£10 for colour and shaded (£4 per additional person) +£5 for line art (£2 per additional person)

Line art - £6 (+£3 per additional full body)

Partial body pose (Shaded and coloured) - £10 (+£4 per additional partial body)

Line art - £5 (+£2 per additional partial body)

Headshot (Shaded and coloured) - £5 (+£2 per additional headshot)

Animation - £35

Story - Contact me with your idea and we can discuss a length and appropriate price

Once commission is accepted, I will send you my paypal info and will only begin once payment has been received
Once commission is complete I will send you a low res, water marked copy for confirmation and then will send full image


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open