radmann's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


1. Please be patient. While I do work in a timely manner, and am 100% okay with checking in every now and then on progress, especially on longer stories, constant messaging or asking for updates is politely something I do not want to have to deal with.
2. Please understand that, 99% of the time, payment will be upfront before I start work on the story. There will be very rare occasions where this might not be the case, but please do not expect that this will be a normal thing, and expect to pay after the story is completed.
3. If you use the story for a picture, animation, or whatever else, I ask kindly that you please tag me as the author of the story :)
4. If I say no to something, which is rare for the most part, it means flat out no, and no amount of asking will change my mind. I respect your interests completely, but not everything is my cup of tea, especially when it comes to writing it.
5. While I don't mind changing minor things here and there, major rewrites of the story will add additional charges onto the price, and will be required to be payed before I continue on.
6. No refunds. I will make the best story for you to enjoy, but I kindly ask that you understand that once money has been put into it, refunds will not be possible.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:
>Male preds & male prey
>Female pred & female prey
>Monster/Alien/Creature preds (I.E. Goblins, slugs, frogs, orcs, all that good stuff)
(these can be mixed and matched, either can gobble down the other, just stating both are fine)
>Oral vore
>disposal (cum or the other grosser stuff)
>race play
I am open to most ideas and things, and if you don't see something on here, you are free to ask.

Anything illegal. Simple as that. There are a few things here and there that make me uncomfortable, but you most likely won't have them in the story. If you do, I will let you know. Basically, if you want me to write fingernail torture, you better find another writer. Otherwise, I am all ears.


For basic stories of whatever, the flat price will be $15 per 1K words. If it's something I am not particularly fond of, and that does not go against my rules, it will be $17 per 1K, and if it's a Persona related story, or something relating to a series I really deeply love and enjoy, it will be $13 per 1K :)

As for payment, there are several ways that we can make this work, and depending on what works best, we can talk about that while discussing the commission in the DM's.


PM me here and we can start the process. Once I know for sure, I will send you the link to my Discord where we will talk about it all.

  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open