rockysavannah's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Okay, so I just got done fulfilling my previous request, so if anyone has another one that they'd like to give me, then you may, but there are some rules in place.

1. I'll only be writing stories. My artistic skills are horrible.

2. Said stories will only be around 2,000-5,000 characters long. This goes for both Deviantart and I'll need at least three days to completely one story. Sorry, but my writing process is very slow.

3. I'll typically just do stories centered around giantism, burping, and/or eating, so keep that in mind if you decide to send me requests.

4. I'll only be writing fanfiction involving characters from already established fiction. This means that I will not be writing about anyone's original charater, just characters that exist in fictional works (i.e. Certain Western Animation, Films, Comics, Video Games, Anime/Manga, etc.)

5. I'll only write about certain fictional works that I'm well versed in, so if I'm not familiar enough with the work that you want me to use, then I'll have to deny your request.

6. I reserve the right to deny any request I choose, so hope that I like your ideas enough to use them.

7. I'll only be taking one request at a time, so if I decide to take a request from one person, then everyone else waits until I complete the work that I'm already doing, regardless of what site I get it from. (i.e. This means that if I take a request from someone on Deviantart or or or, then I will NOT accept another from anyone else on Deviantart or or or or any other website until the current one is completed.)

These are the rules that I've set up and I expect everyone to follow them.

Will Do / Won't Do

I will do any stories involving giantesses, females burping/belching, eating, and/or performing oral vore. I will also do farting if I feel like it. I won't do anything involving giants, males burping/belching, eating, and/or performing oral vore. I also won't do any other kind of vore besides oral. I won't do anything involving sex or featuring characters below eighteen engaging in sexual activities. I also won't do expansion of any body part besides bellies. I won't do videos and/or pictures because my artistic skills are horrible.


None involving actual money. I don't know how to send or receive money. Deviantart points are the only currency that I will accept.

I charge 1 point per word, so as an example:

1-500 words = 500 points

501-1000 words = 1000 points

1001-1500 words = 1500 points



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  1. Status: Open for Request
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