ryanshowseason3's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Umm dunno yet. I get money you get story? PM for details

I reserve the right to give you freebies if I like your attitude or idea ;)

I reserve the rights to all my work and post it publicly though you don't have to be made public as the commissioner.

I've gotten burned now with brainstorming sessions and left with nothing for hours of my own time. If the details aren't set for the commission in 5 replies from me especially for brainstorming then I will require the $10 story minimum to continue. I need reassurance that you're serious and not just looking to get cheap fap ideas from me. This has happened, and I won't be used again.

I reserve the right to end the commission regardless if the details can't be pinned down within 2 weeks.

I will proofread before sending you a rough draft. You can point any deficiencies or preferences out to me and I will adjust for a final draft. I will only do 1-2 final drafts depending on the amount of changes. For example if I have to write the second half of the story over once I will not do it a second time, we should be on the same page by this point. Don't worry though, I also still reserve to give you freebies on this policy, especially if you have a good point or suggest something that will improve the work!

I reserve the right to end the commission if anything in my Won't Do list is requested. I may update this list if you suggest something that I won't do and haven't thought of before. I'll tell you and I expect it not to come up again.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do... A lot.

scat pre and post vore
soft vore
oral vore
anal vore
breast vore
femdom type situations.

Male as pred
Monsters or animals, that means bestiality too. No.
Massive groups, I prefer more intimate stories.
Giantess city destruction.
Furry or robotic characters
Fandom stories for characters I'm not familiar with. If I don't know your fandom sorry!
Pregnancy isn't my thing either. Let's just stay away from it.
Age regression.
Endo, entrapment, full tour. Vore is a one way trip for me. I can't guarantee I'll do a good job writing outside of my interests.
Underage isn't my best subject. Maybe but the idea has to be right.
I cannot do photo manips that I do not own the rights to! Taking payment for pictures I don't own would be very illegal. I may build a repository of images in the future but for now I don't have them.

There may be other things all our sick minds could think of that aren't listed here. Shoot it past me if you like.


$10 for up to 3 characters and around ~1500 words.
Every main character past 3 is $5
Excessive lead up is $5
Every extra 1500 words runs another $10
Manips from my set of licensed images $10 Gets you one manip and 2 captions

Prices are subject to fluctuate if it's really not my thing, OR if it really IS my thing I might discount or ramp up the price. Also if I have to brainstorm a way to make your idea work before we even agree...

Minimum story price is $10

New commissioners I require to pay the minimum up front because I've had people ghost on me using new accounts without ever paying.


private message me here. We may then switch to email. It helps to message me here first and tell me your email so I can make sure you don't end up in a spam filter.


  1. Status: Open - Commisioned story for Someone
  2. Status: In Progress - Game Development! for ME