saybingryph's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


I will only accept commission requests through either my Discord at Saybin#7713, or though private messages on this website.

PayPal is the only method of payment I'm able to make use of.

I also reserve the right to turn down a commission request in the case that it would be too uncomfortable for me to write (which is a high ceiling, fortunately), if the client is being very rude or stressful about the whole ordeal, or does not have a method of payment through PayPal.

Will Do / Won't Do

I WILL write about: Vore, scat, gasplay, desperation, sex, my own characters, your characters, canon characters that I'm already familiar with (typically video game things), and just about anything in between on those fronts.

I WON'T write about: Canon characters I barely know anything about, other people's characters (without their permission), underage stuff, intense gore, or anything overly political. Not that anyone would probably ever come to me for that last one, anyway. :v


Against the wishes of a lot of my friends, I decided to seriously lowball things since I figured that I'd not be anybody's first choice anyway. I'm willing to charge $5 per thousand words, which can be rounded up or down depending on the request. There will also be an additional $2 transfer fee as a result of PayPal's taxing methods. I'm hoping these prices seem fair, as I've never tried anything quite like this before.


Right here, or Saybin#7713 on Discord. Further contact info will be discussed as pricing becomes more important.


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