shdingo's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


///Commissions Closed///

I like to be as open minded as possible. I don't wanna get stuck doing just one type off drawing, be it porn or not. As such i have an open door policy.
1) we discuss content and set a date to meet and work together on the sketch
2) During the sketch phase you may make any changes or requests until we settle on a final sketch.
3) I will wait on payment before moving off to cleaning, inking or coloring (as the commission needs)
4) Any finished image is up to the commissioner to decide whether it can be freely uploaded or not and may ask me at any time for a copy of it or it's base file.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do
-- SFW and NSFW
-- Preferred content; Pokemon (human or beast), Pony (4th gen style only), League of Legends, Monster girls. This does not mean i wont do other things, feel free to ask!
-- All fetishes welcome

Won't do
--HYPER: And no i don't care if you think it's not hyper. Hyper is anything beyond reason or usfulness. I'm fine with using stuff for vore when it's eating but if it's ground state isn't passable then don't expect much.
--Child violence or rape. bondage is Ok but there will be no blood, bruising or active berating of the character. Soft vore is the only exception to this and may be ruled out depending on the image.


OK time to simplify this jazz

20 for first character
10 per additional character

for comics or additional frames.
Figure out the character count for the page and and 10 for every panel past the first.

example:(3 panel comic with two characters would be 20(first character)+10(second character)+20(two additional frames) = 50
comic prices are negotiable based on actual work load of the comic.

for sketches alone figure the price and half it.


Hit me up here at Eka's for information and commission requests!