soline's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


Will Do / Won't Do

I'm happy to do absolutely anything, by and large. There are a few things, non-digestive gore for example, that I'll just charge more for, and some things I'm not enormously confident on. But the list of 'will not do' is virtually non-existent and primarily exists on the basis of "This thing doesn't interest me enough to be doing instead of other stuff."

Stories are unlikely. I haven't written smut in a long time. I'm most likely to agree to short things, 6K words tops. and my standard rate is 10-15 dollars per 1000 words. Excess words are free, refunds for missing words to the nearest 500.


Pricing is currently N/A until I can think up a fair balance between effort/product that doesn't drive everyone away xD So until this is updated it'll just be non-formulaic agreement with the buyer.

Expect fairly standard costs though, asking for highly detailed stuff will cost more, stuff I really really like may cost less, etc.


PM. I'm also on Furaffinity under the same name but less frequently, and also on Eka's Chat under the same name.

Though details and confirmation /will/ have to be done in PM, just so I have a written record of it.


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