the_game's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Send me a PM about your image, try and get a concise idea of just what you want. be ready to produce a reference image for what the character looks like, unless you want me to run wild through the streets with spray paint and a loose notion of where to go-- err I mean, I'll just draw what I imagine will be good and you'll be stuck with that. the more refined your idea, the better I'll be able to please you~<3
I work Payment Up Front. As soon as the money clears through paypal, I consider myself on the clock until I complete the job.
I will keep my client informed of progress at every step, I dont move from sketch to ink without my clients approval.
REVISIONS: I will do revisions mostly in the sketch stage for design-- if I already have inked an image, I will not be changing the design from that, only colors. if you do have me doing an inordinate amount of revisions, I will have to charge a little extra for the extra time and energy I am putting in.
Respect me and I will respect you, a commission is as much working with a client as it is working with the artist. if youre being rude or abusive, I will consider it a breach of contract. depending on the severity of this I might simply refund the remaining balance for work done to current, or if especially egregious, I *WILL* void the contract and *KEEP* the payment and work done so far. (I have only had to enforce this TWICE ever in the 8 years I've been doing commissions. I dont like doing this, I like being friends with my patrons)
In the event where I feel I can not continue on a piece, I will contact you and return the client's payment, with some taken for the time I did actually spend working on the piece, as with all the materials I had completed to date.

Will Do / Won't Do

most all Vore (oral, anal, UB, CV, navel, tail, absorb), soft digestion, WG, sex scenes, Character profiles, things that have nothing to do with vore (RP profile landscapes, designs, etc) furries, demihumans, herms, bondage, & more. No matter the idea, just try shooting it by me~
Scat or watersports oriented work, crush art, torture, necro (excluding undead monster girls) Sonic/kiddy/loli/shota related fandom stuff, or any related minor depicted in vore or otherwise. (18+ please)

Basically I'm usually pretty easygoing on most things.


Sketches: $25.00
Line Art: $35.00
Flat Color $45.00
Cell Shade: $55.00
Full Color: $65.00

Comics, sequences, and reffsheets: To be Discussed with client privately (very dependent on the particular job)

to reiterate; These are baseline pricing. added complexity and extra characters are subject to change these prices


Contact me anytime on here via PM

DISCORD: Caligator #5319 (this is main means of contact, I have this open 24/7)
Skype: Heartless_Cal (depreciated, still have it, don't check it as often)

Deviant Art: (Main)
Fur Affinity: (depreciated, similar to skype)