tigercloud's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


I wrote a bit about rules, when requesting/commission/trading(...) Art from me.

I would love when you read this before you ask me^.^ (Please also look if I'm currently open - See right side)

Please follow these basic Rules about things I draw, if anything is unclear, just ask me^^

Will Do / Won't Do

WILL DO | Stuff I really like

WILL NOT DO | Stuff I won't do

(*) I overlook some of this depending on the idea or for Friends (see below) only (with exceptions, please ask)



Trades: Same-Quality Art for my Art
Commissions: Ask me!^^ (Need to think about prices, which I publish here. Depends on complexity and how much I like the idea mostly, we can figure out together, just PM me^^)
Collabs: 0$ (But almost same skill-set like me please =))

Discount: When using an Angel-Pred for a Vore-Commission, you get always a 10$ discount on the Commission
----- Patreon -----
NO Patreon in future - It's just a Hobby, I do it for the Community!


PM me here: (Preferred)


  1. Status: Completed - (Gift-Request|Comic) Tigercloud feeds unaware Pearl for Reff
  2. Status: Completed - (Gift|Non-Vore) Alice tramples unaware on sn0riat for sn0riat & AliceTheAngel
  3. Status: Sketch - (Gift-Request|Comic) Dark Angel Digestion-Vore for Jessthenotsohotmess
  4. Status: Reserved - (Gift-Request|Comic|WIPs) A small "How to become an Angel"-Comic for Annonymous
  5. Status: Reserved - (PERSONAL|Comic) Tigercloud & Criti for Me
  6. Status: 75% - (PERSONAL|Animation) Tigercloud & Criti - Eat & Digestion Animation for Me
  7. Status: Sketch - (Gift) Samandriel drinks some Sinners for sn0riat
  8. Status: Reserved - (Gift|Non-Angel) Signe (Fairy) Pred for dcvfgb1234
  9. Status: Reserved - (Gift) Foxies Angel for LuluBoxFox