tigercloud's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


I wrote a bit about rules, when requesting/commission/trading(...) Art from me.

I would love when you read this before you ask me^.^ (Please also look if I'm currently open - See right side)

Please follow these basic Rules about things I draw, if anything is unclear, just ask me^^

Also, you may have a uncolored picture? I do coloring, just make sure to ask the original Artist! Look under Pricing -> Coloring for more details!

General Rules
- Please check if your drawing idea matches with my "Will do / Won't do" below
- When using OCs, which aren't yours, either ask or make sure the owner is fine with it
- Each Comic and Drawing has a Base-price, which includes 2 Characters (1 Big one and 1 Tiny)
- Tell me as much Details as possible!
- Only if a Slot is open/Status: "Open" (See bottom of this Page)
- See the Status of your Request/Trade/Commission/(...) at the bottom of this Page
- PLEASE ask, if something is unclear here or you have questions (Or just talk xD)! Don't be shy =)
- Be Patient, since its just a Hobby and I also have to work IRL, it takes some time^^
- You agree when commissioned and I post the picture it cant be deleted by your request, even if it includes your OCs (Gifts from me are excluded)
- See samples below
- You can upload your commission under this License in your Gallery/Site/Anywhere (Mention/Link-back me Please!)

Vore-Rules (Only look here when you want to commission something WITH vore, else ignore)
- Female & Femboy Preds only, Prey can be anything
- I only do Macro/Micro or Giantess stuff (but no Giga-GTS)
- I only do Oral-Vore

Non-Vore-Rules (Only look here when you want to commission something without vore, else ignore)
- Mouth-shots count as "Vore related" here - So take a look at the Vore rules if you want a Mouth-Shot
- ONLY FEMALE Angels, Winged-Girls or Angel-like Chars


Will Do / Won't Do

WILL DO | Stuff I really like

- Oral-Vore
- Giantess-Vore / Macro/Micro (aka Size-Difference)
- Female Pred/s
- Femboy Pred/s
- Shota Pred/s (See Pricing)
- Loli Pred/s (See Pricing)
- Angel Pred/s (See Pricing - Discount)

- Angel/Winged Girls themed Drawings
- Feather-Winged Pred/s
- Unwilling Prey/s
- Kind Pred/s
- Careless Pred/s
- Unaware/Aware
- Burps
- Soft-Vore
- Food in Stomach
- Kneading Stomach
- Digestion (Fatal/Implied/Graphical)
- Hard-Digestion (I will do it, but not to much... Please ask me via PM for details~)
- Graphical Digestion (See Hard-Digestion)
- Intestine Digestion
- Gore/Blood (See Hard-Digestion)
- Mouth-shots
- Mouth-play
- Barefoot Chars
- X-Ray/Cutaway/Anatomy
- Stomach/Mouth Liquids
- Burping / Digestion sounds
- Feet-Stuff

WILL NOT DO | Stuff I won't do

- Any other Vore-Type than Oral-Vore
- Non-Vore Drawings (Except Angel themed)
- Reference Sheets
- Same-Size
- Muscled Bellies
- Muscled Females
- Herm Characters
- Oversized Genitals (e.q. REALLY oversized Breasts/Asses)
- Endo / (Safe-)Fulltour
- Male Genitals
- Body-Waste (Scat etc)
- Very big Belly/Fat (Tummy Chub is fine though)
- Giga/Mega Preds (Extreme size difference)
- Smaller Pred than Prey
- Facial Hair
- Sex or similar activities
- Underage Characters involved in sexual activities
- Nude underage Characters
- (OC) Tigercloud Prey




Here are the Base-Prices for drawing (These include 1 Tiny and 1 big Character and no complex background - also up to free 2 cutaways)

~ Sketches ~
- Quick sketch: 10€
- Sketch Colored (Base): 20€

~ Monochrome ~
- Lineart: 25€
- Lineart + Shading: 35€

~ Colored (including clean Lineart) ~
- Base-Color: 30€
- Full-Shaded: 50€

~ Extras~
- Extra Tiny (simple/generic): +1€ (per tiny)
- Extra Tiny (detailed): +5€ (per tiny)
- Extra big Character: +15€ (per Character)
- Extra cutaway/panel: +5€ (per panel/cutaway)
- Background: +5-25€ (Depend on complexity and color/etc)
- Willing prey: +5€
- Loli/Shota: +5€ (Due to posting trouble on some pages)
- I'm not allowed to publish your drawing: +15€ (Can't order on Comics/Animations)


These cant be combined and don't count for sketches

- When using an Angel-Pred for a Vore-Commission, you get always a 10€ discount on the Commission (only once per drawing)
- When wanting a Mouth-shot without prey, the price is 5€ cheaper


~~ Comics ~~
- Every Panel costs 1/2 of the Base-Price
- Extra stuff applies to the whole comic (like an extra tiny would only cost 1 or 5€ ONCE for the entire comic and not each panel)
- Internal Panels count as 1/2 Panel


~~ Animations ~~

The prices include 1 Tiny and 1 big Character and no complex background

- Sketch: 45€ (per 30sec)
- Colored Sketch: 60€ (per 30sec)
- Lineart: 75€ (per 30sec)
- Lineart + Shading: 90€ (per 30sec)
- Lineart + Basecolor: 90€ (per 30sec)
- Lineart + Full-Shaded: 150€ (per 30sec)

- Every extra character will added to the price per 30sec
- Every other extra will be only charged once for the entire Animation
- I don't do complex moving backgrounds


Same-Quality Art for my Art (Feel free to ask)


Coloring: - Make sure to ask the original Artist first!

- Base-Color: 5€
- Full-Shaded: 25€

+ Bad Lineart +5€


----- Patreon -----
NO Patreon in future - It's just a Hobby, I do it for the Community!



PM me here: (Preferred)


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