trinart's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


One major thing: Try to get your suggestions, and offers to me before Thursday/Friday, as I tend to do my big writing sessions during the weekend.
Also, I am way more likely to accept a request if it involves something I already work with, such as Pokémon, or Monster hunter, or my own characters, because those are easier for me to work with.
I am, more likely to be open to requests if you've intereacted with me before.
Please tell me what you are looking for early on in the messages
and remember, just because I am willing to do requests, doesn't mean I will accept yours, mainly because it might not be something I want to write, or, I don't have the time due to real life issues to write it.
I am more likely to accept commissions than I am requests.
I am allowed to decline requests and commissions.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do
Oral vore
Female preds
Male preds (not my favourite thing, but I can do it)

Presents difficulties for me (mainly things that I have trouble writing)
Gay/lesbian relationships (nothing against them, I just, have trouble writing that sort of thing)

Won't do
Cooking vore
“Disgusting” preds (unclean preds/overly hairy humans)
Graphic sex
Having to describe genitalia
Herms (Don't try to convince me otherwise, it aint gonna happen)
Cock vore (another thing I WILL NOT DO AT ALL)
Unbirth and Anal vore (for now, might change on this)


My prices here are in USD, and all transactions will be done via paypal
Here are my price ranges for stories, based on size (size is a rough general area, of how long you would like the story to be, it won't be exact)
Short stories (less then 1500 words) $10
Medium stories (1500-2000) $15
Long stories (2000+) $20+
Pov stories, $2 more than the already stated prices

Special rates
Repeat customers get discounts of around $5 every third commission
Making me use one of my own characters as the main pred in a story, is a $5 discount


PM me here.


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  2. Status: Open