tummytrouble's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


1) Be patient! It may take a moment, especially if i have multiple commissions!

2) Maximum of 3 fixes!

3) Please!!! no reposting unless u add a link to my page here so others can find me!

4) when u send the payment on paypal, chose FAMILY OR FRIENDS!!

Will Do / Won't Do

absolutly no characters under the age of 17 in any sexual or fetishtic way. I know lots of characters HAVE canonical adult ages so anywhoo, i will age up characters if necessary! ^^


Icons/Fanfic previews- $5

Character references- $10

Sketch- $13 +2 per char

Lineart- $15 +3 per char

Full color $20 +5 per char

Painting $30 + 5 per char

Comics(6 panels)- $40 + 5 for additional panels


my discord is ash hole#5416 if you wanna contact me there!!


  1. Status: In Progress - bungo for scrungo
  2. Status: Reserved - ani for Kererbos
  3. Status: Open for Commission
  4. Status: Open for Commission
  5. Status: Open for Commission
  6. Status: Open for Commission