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Dolphin Animation By Umiriko -- Report

Uploaded: 16 years ago

Views: 21,304

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Resolution: 550x400

Comments: 32

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the first sign of the impending doom ^_^ umi half learns how to animate ^^ and im rather chuffed with how this turned out (modest as always haha) passing stranger requested this, i jsut decied to animate, so enjoy

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Posted by SollusDellager 16 years ago Report

Well done Umi! this animations is very clean in animation and you did good on the bulge. Good work!


Posted by Ranger 16 years ago Report

Oh my o.o Umi, you did VERY well! God, I never usually have the patience for animating, but you've made a oretty good one right here, honestly this falls under my most favourite vorish animation right now! n.n Hehehe, now I'm gonna pester you until you tell me how you went about doing this X3


Posted by TRUEDRAGONANTHRUS 12 years ago Report

JEsez thats one long comment u has dere O_O


Posted by Deioth 16 years ago Report

Wow, this ain't bad! It's clean and well done. Looking forward to seeing more ]:8D


Posted by Nipper 16 years ago Report

Hehe, quite cute! Love dolphins ;)


Posted by SeruOmen 16 years ago Report



Posted by Akram 16 years ago Report

We should start a new sea world inside Umi!


Posted by RazorZantorno 6 years ago Report



Posted by Akram 4 years ago Report

You replied to an 11 year old comment holy fuck.


Posted by Umiriko 4 years ago Report

xD blast from the past tehe, hope you are keeping well porkchop


Posted by HS 16 years ago Report

You got it to work. Great! I liked this at FA, I like it here. Thumbs up!


Posted by PassingStranger 16 years ago Report

Wow, Nicely done. I'm going to have to start telling people what to do more often.


Posted by Dorogato 16 years ago Report

Teh awesome! :3 Really hypnotic XD


Posted by JackAllan 16 years ago Report

Fantastic. Nice and clean! Impressed! Good shit. *applaudes*


Posted by Ka-Atis 16 years ago Report

Oh my... I could go on watching this forever. what a yummi little snack you got there. Very nice.


Posted by StoopidKitsune 16 years ago Report

Oh! Very well done Umi!! I like it alot, now I know how much of a sucky ass animator I am!! T^T Anyways, this is extremly well done, and you seem to have put a lot of effort into it... DO SOME MORE!!


Posted by Matsuda 15 years ago Report

Could you be my friend please


Posted by OrcaSnack-Garth 15 years ago Report

Aw! That's so cute!
A fed dragon is a happy dragon.


Posted by Deleteduser_120 15 years ago Report

Wow, this is really good.


Posted by Outcast 15 years ago Report

not bad for a start


Posted by Paunchy 15 years ago Report

Wow thats awesome! I wish I could do animation... =(, I'm just too stupid/lazy to make one =P, It's good, love how the dolphin makes a bulge in the throat as it goes down =3


Posted by Auwbbb 14 years ago Report

why it isnt colored?
btw. it's verry good!!!


Posted by Kee_Fox 12 years ago Report

Nice anticipation and follow through. You did a really good job on this. The timing is really good too. Though, personally (and this is just my taste), I would add a pause between the initial nom and the gulp. Maybe even a head bob to sort of lead into it. Still, well done, and this is just nitpicky stuff.


Posted by tailsjordan 10 years ago Report

haha, very cute!


Posted by Umiriko 10 years ago Report

hehe thank you ^^


Posted by 149darry 8 years ago Report



Posted by Umiriko 8 years ago Report

Awww why thank you ^^


Posted by Anaranemy 8 years ago Report

So cute <3 ^W^


Posted by Umiriko 8 years ago Report

thanks (^. .^) glad you like it


Posted by CoreyTheDragon 6 years ago Report

Oh my god!
I finally found an app that works and this is adorable


Posted by Umiriko 6 years ago Report

Thanks cutie and glad you could enjoy it