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<h1 align="center">A baby for Glenda</h1>
by Groblek
<p> Constance lay in bed after a bout of weeping, her hand resting on her belly as she felt the hard knot of a baby within her. Last night, she could no longer hide the truth from herself - despite all the precautions, all the medicines and charms she used regularly, she was pregnant. Her last customer of the night had noticed and had asked her once he had taken his pleasure with her, his question piercing her carefully built walls of self-deception. She had broken down crying, her professional mask slipping away as she admitted the truth to herself, and the man had run off, scared. She was certain Jethros would come this morning to chastise her for scaring away a client.
<p> As if summoned by her thoughts, she heard a knock on the door, and Jethros asked, "May I come in, Constance?"
<p> She took a deep breath to steady herself, then answered, "Yes, of course." She lifted herself up into a sitting position as he entered and sat down beside her on the large bed, the room's only real furnishing.
<p> "I heard about what happened last night" he began, and she interrupted quickly.
<p> "I'm sorry, I couldn't control myself. I know that I shouldn't scare the customers, but"
<p> The elderly man made a dismissive gesture with his hand. "Don't worry about him, Lydia calmed him down and took good care of him. I'm more concerned about you, child."
<p> "Oh, Jethros, I'm pregnant!" She wailed, falling sobbing into his arms."
<p> He held her silently, letting her cry herself out again before he spoke. "It's a natural condition, dear, not some disaster."
<p> "But what kind of mother can I make? I'm a whore, for God's sake! I can't raise a child like this, and I don't know how to do anything else!"
<p> "I could find a good home for the child, if that's what you want."
<p> She looked at him, shaking her head slowly. "Yeah, right. Who would you find willing to take it? I'm of 'inferior stock' don't you know? The only people who won't turn up their noses can't offer any better life than I!" Constance said scornfully.
<p> Jethros waggled a finger at her reprovingly. "Come now, dear girl, trust me. Didn't I take you in when the law caught up with your parents? Haven't I always treated you well? I take good care of my girls, you should know that by now."
<p> She relaxed slightly, daring to let herself feel hope for the first time that day. "Do you really think you can find a home for my baby? A good one, where it can have a better life than this?"
<p> He smiled at her. "Don't worry. It may take a bit of doing, but I promise you, your child will be well taken care of."
<p> "Oh, thank you, thank you so much!"
<p> "Don't mention it, child. Now, will you be able to manage customers tonight?"
<p> She thought briefly, then nodded. "Yes, I'll be fine. Really."
<p> "Good. Now go get some breakfast, you need it, especially now that you're eating for two." Jethros said as he stood up and left.
<p> Constance stood up and stretched, feeling a great weight lifted from her. She knew that she could leave things in Jethros' capable hands. She slipped into a robe and went downstairs for breakfast, letting herself fall back into the routine of the day. The other girls offered her their sympathy, and she spent much of the day answering questions from those curious about what it felt like, and trying to discover what charms had failed her. After all, none of the other women wanted a child just now any more than she had, and since she was the first one of them to become pregnant, the others were very curious to know what it was like. She resigned herself to their questioning, certain that it would only become more frequent as things progressed.
<p> <hr> </p>
<p> Sure enough, as her middle swelled, the women asked more and more questions of her. Constance also found that her customers dropped off dramatically once her belly became noticeable. While she regretted the loss of income, the customers she did have tended to be much more gentle and caring than she was used to, and she found that she rarely had to feign her own pleasure anymore. Still, as her child grew larger, she worried more and more about what would happen to it once she had given birth.
<p> She was brooding over the matter one day when Jethros walked into the parlor where she was sitting.
<p> "Constance, I've been looking for you. I have good news about the baby."
<p> She felt her heart leap into her throat and forced herself to calm down. "Have you found someone? What is it?"
<p> Jethros nodded. "Yes, I've found someone. In fact, she's willing to take the baby right now."
<p> Constance put a hand to her large belly, confused. "But the child isn't due for weeks yet. What do you mean?"
<p> "She's a sorceress, so I assume that she will use magic to bring about the birth. She's promised me that your child will be born safely, and that she'll treat it as her own baby." Jethros answered calmly.
<p> She frowned a little at this. "I don't know, Jethros. I'll admit that I am tiring of this burden, and I want a good home for the baby more than anything, but magic? Are you sure she can be trusted?"
<p> "I am quite satisfied with her oaths, but you don't have to take my word for it. She would like to meet with you tomorrow, and then you can decide for yourself whether to believe her. Do you want to do it?"
<p> Constance thought for several moments before replying, finally deciding to trust his judgement. "Very well, I'll go see this woman."
<p> "Excellent. I will send her a message to say that you have agreed to the meeting. We'll meet at a small house I use for such things, as she would rather not be seen here, for obvious reasons." With that he left.
<p> Constance tried to restrain her joy - a woman who worried about being seen in a whorehouse was several ranks above anyone Constance had expected to find willing to adopt her child. For the rest of the day, Constance daydreamed about this mysterious woman, alternately hoping that Jethros was right, and worrying that he was wrong, while building up several ideas of what she was like. Maybe a merchant's wife who could not have children of her own, or perhaps one of the hedge-mages who plied their trade in the square. Any of them were far above Constance's own station. Busy with her thoughts, she had difficulty concentrating on anything else, and it was just as well that she had no customers that night.
<p> <hr> </p>
<p>The next morning, Constance rose eagerly, dressing in her nicest set of casual clothes. She felt that her working clothes were far too wanton for a meeting with the woman to whom she hoped to entrust her child. Still, that only left clothes far more tattered than she'd like. Constance just hoped that the woman would not hold it against her.
<p>Jethros lead the way to a small shack, guiding Constance into the room that served as a study and meeting room. He bade her sit down in one of the many chairs scattered about while he went to check on their guest. She made herself comfortable, trying to relax and calm her nerves, but without much success. After several minutes, Jethros stepped through a side door, followed by a woman.
<p>"This is Glenda, the woman I told you about. She is willing to help you with your problem." Jethros said, gesturing towards the woman who had just entered the room.
<p> Constance blinked in surprise as she got a good look at the woman standing before her. Glenda was obviously from the upper nobility, dressed as she was in clothes worth more than this entire quarter of the city. Then, she noticed the flowing spotless white robes that marked Glenda as a mage of the highest ranking, and her surprise doubled. Constance had expected the woman to be a low-ranked mage, and possibly a minor merchant or someone else from the lower middle class, but Glenda was obviously one of the most influential and powerful people in the city, if not the whole kingdom!
<p> Glenda smiled, looking at Constance with a probing look that made her feel most uncomfortable, as though the woman was staring into her very soul.
<p> "Yes, she will do perfectly. You may go now." Glenda said, making a shooing motion towards Jethros, who took the hint, closing the door behind him. The woman turned towards Constance again. "He did tell you what I need of you, did he not?"
<p> Constance nodded. "He said that you would rid me of this burden, but that you will make sure the baby is born." She said, placing one hand on her belly, swollen greatly by the baby within.
<p> "Yes, but did he say how I will do that?"
<p> Constance shook her head no, hoping that she wouldn't offend this woman. "By magic, I would assume, great lady."
<p> "Please, no titles, dear, this business is far too intimate for such things. My name is Glenda, please use it and let us speak woman to woman."
<p> "As you wish, gre- I mean, Glenda."
<p>Glenda smiled briefly, then continued. "You are correct, I will use magic, but that is not what I meant. You see, I will take on your burden myself, making your baby my own child, in here." She said, patting her own belly.
<p> Constance looked at the woman, confused. Why would any woman, even a mage start with somebody else's child like that, rather than just get pregnant the usual way, she wondered. She asked as much, and Glenda smiled.
<p> "The problem is that magic tends to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant. If my husband were a mundane, it would be merely difficult for me to conceive, but as he too is a powerful mage, there is no chance that we could have a child by normal means."
<p> She mulled that over for a while, before asking "Why then come to a whore like me for your child? Am I not inferior stock? Wouldn't I be giving you a tainted child?" she said, bitterly expressing the opinion that most nobility had for anyone forced to live in the slums.
<p> Glenda just shook her head. "Say rather that I want to rescue a soul from suffering through such persecution. I have never put much faith in that particular belief. It seems to me that those who advocate it most strongly do so because their own behavior is often worse than that of the people they look down upon. Regardless, if you give him to me, my body will make your baby my own in all ways, and no one would dare accuse me of being of 'inferior stock'. But, for the magic to work, you must give him to me of your own free will."
<p> "I mean no disrespect, but how can I trust you, gre- erm, Glenda? I know just enough of magic to be wary, and I have never heard of what you propose to do. I want to be certain that my child is safe, even if he will no longer be mine to care for." Constance said, looking straight into the other woman's eyes.
<p> Glenda smiled approvingly. "Your concern for your child does you credit, dear. I swear on my honor, as head of house Leo, your child will be treated in every way as my own son. Does that satisfy you, dear one?"
<p> Constance blinked, too stunned to speak. House Leo was the ruling house of this entire province! That would make Glenda Her mind reeled from the thought. When she could speak again, she no longer hesitated - all she had hoped for was that the woman would be willing to give her baby to a good home. This was far beyond her wildest imaginings! "Yes, that more than satisfies me. I will give my child to you with a joyous heart, Glenda."
<p> "Then take off your clothes and follow me, so that we may begin the spell." Glenda said, then turned and walked through the door she had used to enter the room.
<p> Constance paused only a moment before slipping gladly out of the tattered clothing she wore and stepping through the doorway. She felt a moment's disorientation, and found herself in a decadently decorated bedroom, the room dominated by a giant bed covered in exotic fabrics. "What? Where is this?"
<p> "This is my bedroom, dear. Lie down and make yourself comfortable."
<p> Constance turned to see Glenda standing at the foot of the bed, completely naked. Cautiously, she climbed into the bed and lay down, smiling in pleasure at the feel of the soft fabric against her skin. She had never felt anything so soft and delightful to lie on and for a moment felt profound regret that she would likely never again get to do so. "So, what happens now, do you draw some kind of mystical symbols on me or something?" She asked, thinking of what little she knew of magic.
<p> Glenda climbed into the bed and leaned over Constance, smiling. "Not for this. For birth magic, the rituals are much more natural." Then, she leaned down and kissed Constance on the lips.
<p> Constance was surprised by the action, and even more by the burst of pleasure it brought her. She had never been attracted to a woman before, yet she found herself desperately wanting this one. She kissed back, entwining her fingers into the other's long blonde hair and holding them close until Glenda finally broke the kiss. Constance looked up at her new lover as Glenda straddled her carefully, then leaned over slowly until the woman's nipples just barely touched her skin, and she moaned in delight as Glenda rubbed her large breasts slowly all over Constance's body. Smiling, the sorceress shifted so that her nipples met Constance's, and Constance gasped as she felt her breasts tingle and her milk let down.
<p> "What are you doing?" Constance gasped, feeling Glenda start to suckle, drinking her milk.
<p> Glenda looked up, milk dripping from the corners of her mouth. "I'm enjoying your milk, dear. Here, taste some." With that, Glenda sucked until she had a mouthful, then kissed Constance, passing the milk to her lover.
<p> Constance savored the sweet flavor, surprised, and very aroused by the act. She kissed back passionately, then writhed in pleasure as Glenda turned her attention back to draining Constance's breasts. Her body had never before felt so sensitive, and Constance decided that she liked this magic very much. Soon, Glenda had shifted her attentions down farther, caressing Constance's swollen belly and the child inside. Glenda gently massaged the child through the walls of his mother's womb, encouraging him to turn over and prepare to leave his watery home. Constance felt the flow of magic deep into her body, and felt things shift inside her as her body prepared to give birth.
<p> Then, she felt her lover plant kisses around her pussy, and Constance spread her legs wide, letting Glenda's tongue tease her inner lips and stroke her clit, bringing her just to the verge of orgasm, but not quite pushing her over the edge.
<p> "Please, let me cum." She gasped, feeling Glenda's magic hold her back as the pleasure and frustration continued to build.
<p> Glenda merely smiled, then she sat up and pressed her pussy against Constance's and Constance's world exploded.
<p> Constance came, hard as she felt the other woman's labia somehow stick to her own, turning their two vaginas into one long birth canal. Deep inside her, she felt the baby move inside her, pushing against her cervix. Her body strained, readying itself to push the baby out, but a part of her held back, at the last minute not wanting to give up her child.
<p>Glenda spoke, her voice soothing. "Come, dear, don't fight it. Give me your baby, I swear that I will take good care of him."
<p>Constance strained to hold herself back, torn for a moment between the instinct to keep her child and the desire to give him a good home. Finally, her desire for his happiness won, and she cried out, "Yes, take him!" as she suddenly dropped her resistance.
<p>As soon as she did, the baby began moving into her birth canal, the first contraction bringing on a massive orgasm. Another orgasm, and another contraction pushed the child farther towards his new mother. Candace was flying, buoyed up by orgasm after orgasm as she watched the bulge inside her move down her body, then into Glenda's. She saw Glenda's face contort in pleasure echoing her own, and pulled the woman down to kiss her as a massive orgasm rocked her as her baby settled fully into the sorceress, bulging her belly outward.
<p> Constance felt Glenda's crotch suddenly release her own, and she collapsed into her lover's arms, exhausted from the birth. The other woman held her close, and Constance could feel milk flowing from her breasts and pooling between them. A nipple brushed her lips and she automatically started to suckle, too tired to register surprise as Glenda's sweet milk filled her mouth.
<p> "See, now my body's ready for a child too." Glenda said as she nursed Constance. "Just relax, dear. You'll feel weak for some time now. Drink up, it will help your body adjust."
<p> Constance said nothing for a long while, content to suckle from her lover's breasts, enjoying the addictive taste of Glenda's delicious milk. She was too tired to notice that she was continually being switched from one breast to the other, maintaining an endless flow of sweet milk. Finally, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, Glenda's nipple still in her mouth, and milk still trickling from her own breasts.
<p> Constance awoke slowly, feeling the bed soaking-wet beneath her. She tried to shift around and find a dry spot, but felt a pulling from inside her womb as she did so. Confused, Constance looked down and saw the umbilical cord running out from between her legs, still connecting her to the child in Glenda's womb. Her pubic hair seemed much thinner than before, and she looked up at Glenda and felt as though she was looking at a giantess.
<p> "What's going on?" She asked, surprised to find that even her voice sounded younger.
<p> Glenda smiled down at her. "I'm afraid that I haven't been completely honest with you, my dear. You see, I paid Jethros for twins, your child and you. When you surrendered him to me, you gave yourself up as well."
<p> Constance stared at Glenda, not understanding at first. "What? What do you mean? Jethros would never sell anyone! He loves me like a daughter!"
<p> "That he does, child, but he felt you deserve to have a better chance at life than you got this time around. I told him I could give you that chance if I decided that you would be suitable."
<p>"What do you mean, 'another chance'?"
<p>"Look at yourself, you're growing younger as we speak. When you are ready, you'll join your son inside me."
<p> She looked down at herself more carefully, and realized that her body was now that of a sixteen-year-old. Horrified, she cried out "I don't want to die!"
<p> "Don't be silly, child, you're not going to die. You'll become my daughter, and a noblewoman once you grow up again. You'll even be able to remember this life, if you really want."
<p> "But"
<p> "Come now, you hate the life you're living now, don't try to deny it. Jethros told me all about your history, how you've always wanted to get away from being a whore. I'm giving you a chance to escape, just like you've always wanted."
<p> "But, not like this! This isn't what I wanted! I don't want to be a baby!" She tried to back away from Glenda, and felt a sharp pain inside her as she reached the end of the umbilical cord. Before she could do anything else, Glenda had pulled her close again and she felt a nipple brush against her mouth. She tried to resist, but a little taste of the sweet milk seeped through her clenched lips, awakening a deep hunger inside her and after a moment, she started to drink, tears running down her cheeks. As she suckled, she felt more milk start to flow out of her own breasts, her excess mass flowing away in her milk.
<p> "That's it, drink up, child. Soon, mommy will make everything better." Glenda cooed, rocking Constance in her arms. After a while, Constance felt the flow from her breasts slow and stop as her body regressed past puberty. She felt a brief flare of hope that died as she realized that the umbilical cord was still siphoning her away. She felt herself shrink slowly until finally Glenda could hold Constance's entire body cradled in her arms.
<p> "Now, child, it is time for you to join your brother." Glenda said, laying back on the bed, her legs spread wide.
<p> Constance squirmed as she was lifted from her captor's breast, trying to get free, to escape somehow. Glenda smiled at her, saying "My, what spirit you have. Your brother will be my husband's heir, but you will be a most fitting heir for my House and myself. Struggle, by all means, but it will not change your fate."
<p>With that, Constance was lowered down between the sorceress' legs. As soon as she touched the bed, she started to crawl away, but she was brought up short by the umbilical cord again, and blinked in surprise as it actually shrank, dragging her backwards until her feet nearly brushed Glenda's birth canal. Constance watched as Glenda reached down with both hands and guided Constance's feet into her waiting pussy, making soft sounds of delight as she did so.
<p> Constance struggled, but she could feel the tight hold Glenda's muscles had on her body, and despite her best efforts, the first contraction pulled her inwards ever so slightly, and the ones that followed worked her slowly deeper. She tried to push herself out of Glenda's birth canal, bracing her small hands against her captor's pelvis, but her hands simply slipped inside Glenda's vagina and were trapped there by the woman's powerful muscles. She continued to struggle, but accomplished nothing except to make Glenda's cries of pleasure more frequent.
<p>Finally, the swell of the sorceress's belly hid her face from Constance's sight as it loomed in front of her, the home of her son, and her own final destination. Finally despairing of escape, Constance watched Glenda's hungry labia come closer and closer, until they finally closed wetly over her head, shutting out the outside world.
<p> One final contraction squeezed Constance all over, pushing her into her new home in Glenda's womb. She felt the magic surround her, probing her mind as smaller muscle movements turned her over, out of the birth position. She tried to shut out the probing magic, but Glenda surrounded her now, slowly crumbling her resistance, and she felt her memories fade, taking their place at the back of her mind with all the half-forgotten events of her life. Soon, even her sense of self faded away, replaced with a growing feeling of anticipation.
<p> Some time later, dimly familiar sounds of pleasure came from outside, and the child felt her anticipation peak. Within moments, her world was flooded with a warm infusion, and she felt a sense of satisfaction as her new father completed her conception. At peace, Glenda's new daughter drifted off to sleep, awaiting her rebirth.
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