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The school bus (implied child vore) By Strega

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Tags: Implied Digestion Oral Vore Raccoon School boy School bus Soft Vore Underage Prey Edit

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Rags the wolfcoon (behind the bus) and Race the coon find a schoolbus full of...snacks. Yes, snacks. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

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Posted by KlinKitty 9 years ago

Well, you're not lyin' :3 To the big coonies, kids ARE snacks ^_^


Posted by Ragtime 9 years ago

Very nice. I likes it.


Posted by torrent1337 9 years ago

PLEASE write a story about this!


Posted by Strega 9 years ago

I don't like to draw/write explicit child vore, expecially with sexual overtones, because of the nagging fear that eventually such drawings/writings will become illegal here in Puritan Land. Sorry. 83


Posted by Rags 9 years ago

I could write one. A delicious one! ^_^ Mmm

Comment deleted by its author.


Posted by Reikasuya 9 years ago

There goes another! :3


Posted by germanmosca 9 years ago

can i meet one of them? ^.^


Posted by Race 9 years ago

Wow, what a surprise! This is a wonderful picture, Strega! I love the bulges in Rags' neck, the nice huge belly that you gave me and the way my right paw is trying to settle it. And the little naive expression on the last little boy is just perfect. I know that you're going to get a lot of stink over this picture, because there are some people out there who can't seem to separate fantasy from reality. But as long as you enjoyed drawing it, then I really appreciate that you saw fit to use Rags and me in it. :)


Posted by Strega 9 years ago

What happened was that Rags asked me to draw something...penguins maybe? That didn't really interest me, but as luck would have it I'd been thinking of drawing this anyway. I like the expression on your face and the innocent little kid (who can't see Rags because you are looming over him). I think he's about to join his friends. 89


Posted by Rags 9 years ago

It was penguins back in January and then a crocodile vorgy in August. What I would really like would be the two coons full fat stuffed showing off their bellies and cuddling. A sequel.


Posted by torrent1337 7 years ago

This may be a little late, but I would LOVE to read that. Especially if it has some digestion and scat, but anything is fine.


Posted by Cougar 9 years ago

I'm sure the nice giant raccoon will help him find his friends. ;)

Excellent drawing, woozle. :)


Posted by MStuarn 9 years ago

They wouldn't have made it alife out of the danger zone anyway. They're just making sure nothing's wasted.


Posted by griff_beeks 9 years ago

Wow thats kinda Eire, i saw the name on the bus XD i go to college in Longview Missouri


Posted by spikedyson 8 years ago



Posted by BlackRose 8 years ago

Another good thing about humans... stupid as anything! lol. Nice work mate :3


Posted by Hephaestus 5 years ago

Poor kids! It looks like the coons just reached into that school bus like it was a big jar of honey. Nice touch with all the littered mittens and such on the ground, and especially that last boy struggling as Rags scarfs him down with a big hard swallow. No doubt the coons will want to lie down after such a big meal!