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anal soul vore By ForcesWerwolf -- Report

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i think i take this as one of the halloween pictures i planned this year. i know its early but who cares :P, okay i would do this pic too if it would not be halloween this month but i think it shocks some people who dont ever saw something like this :P would be nice if you people tell me what you think about wha you like and what you dont like. ^^ explaination: Me, Skunkhase in his darker form in wich he is able to suck souls per mouth or his ass. arokh' was sucking his lil skunk but somehow i managed to suck her soul out of her eyes. i learnd from her how it works, and i'm still in learn phase. only the paws and the rest of the tails looking out. i digest souls fast, her soul is already 80% digest. i just try to keep her in my ass. how i did this? i still learn. i only try to find out what my body can do. the soul is absorbed with an energy flooding my body. even my eyes are smoking because of this power i get from this. well arokh' is still sucking, hope her body dont stops it without the ability to think anymore. it feels even better with something melting in your body. maybe i spray her body with my shrink spray and eat her again but her body its still fresh and still not death, maybe i find some other use for her soulless body. *grin* maybe i plant some of my soul in her so i can get the control of her body? i will think about that. but i will do something i will enjoy! ps: please note i cant do this things with my fursona or in my story i want to draw as a manga. it is RP' and for this pictures and for halloween and the most importan it is for arokha

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Posted by mjm202036 12 years ago Report

Very sensual way to die, in my opinion. Nice artwork, as always.


Posted by bloodwolfvamp 12 years ago Report

(Wow i cant do soul vore well maybe you or Arokh can show me?)


Posted by YoshiDragon336 12 years ago Report

Wow that one way to do it


Posted by Wizardmoon25 12 years ago Report

That is really awesome. You did a good job.


Posted by Terris 12 years ago Report

I like this one. Darned hot and devious.


Posted by Len_The_Fox 11 years ago Report

Anal soul vore. Were a creative bunch arent we?