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How the Chase started
The calm blue water softly made its way over to the Sunny shores of the beach. Wave after wave spread out across the golden sand, drawing back for a moment only to reappear in another wave. The beach of New Dawn Haven was packed, as always. The temperatures were rising, the water cool and clear and the wind blew a small and fresh breeze about. It was only morning, yet the faithful tourists had already conquered their favorite spot on the beach, and more guests were arriving with each passing minute. It would be a busy day for the beach staff, that much was certain.
The alarm clock next to his bed began its daily serenade of annoying digital music. The sheets shifted about as Dazes head poked out of them, his eyes half asleep. He let lose a large yawn as he slammed the alarm clock, forcing it into silence or at least for another 24 hours. He ruffled his hair, which was standing in all directions as he looked outside his window. With a grin, he concluded that there was much to be caught today. He head into the bathroom to take a quick shower before heading downstairs. His roommates had already left for their work and classes for the day, so he grabbed a quick drink and snack before closing the door behind him. He inhaled the fresh air and strolled down the path in front of his cottage. He could already see the beach clubhouse in the distance as he slowly made his way over.
Upon entering the wooden structure, a broad lizard grin greeted him from behind the desk. Morning Daze. How do you manage to get up so late every day? Ive been here for hours. the lizard said with a chuckle. Thats the beauty about my jobs, Leon. Daze replied as he walked behind the desk to look at the papers of todays customers. I pick my hours, and luckily I pick my customers as well. he said with a grin as he took the papers with him. Ill be back in a flash tell them to get their gear ready by the time I get back. he called out to Leon before he went into the gear room to change.
A few minutes later, Daze walked out of the room, his purple and black suit zipped up and ready for use. He grabbed his trustworthy surfboard and walked back into the main lobby. Surely enough there was a Labrador standing there, dressed in suit as well. The Labrador smiled broadly as he saw Daze come in. Ah, Daze you rascal. Howve you been? he said as he gave the wolf a good pat on the shoulder. Cant complain, Jeffrey, cant complain. he answered with a smile. Shall we? he added as Jeffrey nodded. They both stepped outside, starting the surfing lesson.
Hours passed as Daze kept on seeing his daily customers. By the time the last of them left, it was already nearing 2 pm. With a sigh, he sat down in one of the chairs. Finishing his chat with a customer, Leon came strolling from behind the bar towards him. Completed your schedule for the day did you? he inquired with a grin. Nodding, Daze got up again. Yup, nothing left for me to do until tonight. I need to go and work a shift or two at the club then. Youre gonna go as well? I heard itll be a fun party. Daze informed him. Leon pondered the though and shrugged his shoulders. Probably, I dont know yet I suppose. Anyhow, why dont you go and grab a bite? I heard the beach restaurant got a new stack of delicious hamburgers in. Leon said jokingly, knowing how much Daze loved those. Grinning, Daze nodded. Sure, I could go and check that out I suppose, Ill catch ya later. he said as he waved goodbye to Leon.
The sunlight hit him again as he stepped outside, into the crowded mass. It made him laugh, seeing there was almost not a bit of sand unexposed. Literally every inch of sand was taken. How those guys clean it up every night is beyond me he muttered to himself, but he wasnt complaining. The beach gave him a good pay in busy times like these, and he had a small portion of private beach for himself anyway. Even though Leon advised it, he wasnt going to the restaurant. Hearing his stomach growl loudly, he knew hed need something a bit larger to be able to satisfy his hunger for now, and he wasnt in the mood to cook himself a meal that size. Instead, he let his eyes scan the crowd slowly, looking for something usable. Already did that, already knows, better avoid that one he muttered to himself as he scanned each person that crossed his gaze. He sighed and drooped his ears as he realized there wasnt anyone usable in the vicinity.
Suddenly, his eyes rested on a lonely figure standing about at the waters edge. From what he could see, it was a young gray wolf. The beanie and jacket he wore made Daze sweat involuntarily. Its this warm, yet hes wearing a hat? Oh my he muttered to himself. Concluding he didnt know the wolf in question and the fact that he seemed easy enough, Daze decided to give him a try. He made his way over until he was inches away from him. The wolf stared at the water with a hollow gaze, and for a minute Daze thought he was in some sort of trance. But then he tilted his head as his gaze met dazes green eyes. Can I help you? he inquired. Slightly taken aback for a moment, Daze proceeded to smile and shake his head. Do forgive me the sudden appearance, friend. You just seemed so interested in the sea and those in it that I thought you might be interested in my offer. Daze said, trying to sound as honest as possible. The wolf tilted his head again. Offer? he repeated. Daze nodded with a grin. Daze Salokin, surfing instructor. Glad to meet you, mister? he said. Nocturne. Chase Nocturne. the wolf replied. Well, Chase. What do you say if I gave you a free surfing lesson then? Daze inquired. Gasping, Chase shook his head. A free surfing lesson? Oh I couldnt... I cant even surf he said with a slightly mumbling voice. Laughing, daze gave him a light pat on the shoulder. Thats what I here for, silly. Ill teach you a few of the basics, its free. Seriously, trust me. he said with a smile again.
Hesitating for a moment, Chase ultimately nodded and shook Dazes hand. Alright, I suppose I can give it a go. Thanks, Daze. he said with a weak grin. Daze proceeded to guide him towards the clubhouse, and looked at Leon upon entering. Hey Lee, we have another customer here. Hes in for a free lesson. Daze said as he walked over to the desk. Leon frowned at those words. Turning his back on Chase for a second, he whispered in Dazes ear. Daze do you really think its a good idea to do that? Its your fifth free lesson this week. You know you can only hand out as much as 4. Leon warned him, but Daze shook his head. If they dont like it, let them find someone to replace me, like I care. Daze whispered back as he rolled his eyes. OK, but dont say I didnt warn ya. Leon said with a grin as he walked over towards Chase. This way please, well get your gear all sorted out. he said as he grabbed him by the shoulder and accompanied him to the gear room.
Shortly afterwards, Chase walked into the bright sunlight again, dressed in a blue diving suit. Daze turned around and grinned at the sight, the smaller wolf all dressed up in a diving suit, still wearing his beanie. There you are. Daze began as he walked over. Pretty quiet here, hmm? This is a club-only part of the beach. This is mainly where we start and end our surfing lessons. Daze explained as he handed Chase his own surfboard. Thanks. Chase replied with a smile as he took it. No probs, now; the first thing youll want to do it lay your board on the water and lie down on it. Then well swim to a more secluded part of the waters. daze said as he demonstrated. A more secluded part? How come? Chase inquired as he mimicked Dazes actions. The waves are bigger there, cant have a good surfing lesson without the waves, right? Daze replied with a wink. Nodding, Chase swam after him as they both made their way into the open water.
Daze kept up a fast pace as he and his board made their way into the sea. Just a couple of yards further, Chase could see a little mark floating about on the water. Figuring that was where Daze was headed, he tried to give his paddling a little more effort to keep up. Finally they reached the mark, and daze proceeded to sit on his board as he eyed and urged Chase to do the same. Out of breath a tad? Daze said with a chuckle as he shook his head. Dont feel bad about it, happens to a lot of people. he assured the wolf before staring at the horizon. Well, doesnt look like any waves will be coming our way any time soon. Guess well have to wait for a bit. he concluded as he turned his gaze back on Chase. Nodding and managing a weak and uncertain smile, Chase gave the sea a look as well. Upon returning his eyes on Daze, he gasped. For a moment it looked as if he was measuring him up or something. Shrugging it off as a slight paranoia, he tried to start a conversation.
So how long have you been teaching here? the gray wolf said with a weak smile. Daze smiled as he turned his gaze from Chase and looked at the horizon again as the sun coated the waters in a bright and sparkly shine. Not too long, I guess. Ive been here for about 6 months. As far as I know, Im the only surfing instructor here. But I like it, Ive always liked the sea and what surrounds it. Its the perfect place to come to your senses or even do some other activities. he explained as he returned his gaze. Gulping nervously, Chase lowered his ears a bit as he saw the larger wolf before him lick his lips involuntarily. Whats that sound? Chase asked suddenly as his ears picked it up. Daze giggled as he drew closer to his now approved prey. Thats just my stomach, nothing to be afraid of. Im quite hungry around this time of day, really. Daze explained, wondering when Chase would finally catch on, not that hed have any real say in the matter. Why dont we go and grab you some food then? Doesnt look like the waves are coming anytime soon anyway Chase tried to reason as he nervously started paddling his way back to shore, before Daze grabbed a hold of his board.
Dont you get it, you are my food. the brown wolf replied with a silly grin as Chases eyes widened. He shouldve known there was something fishy about a free surfing lesson! He gave a little yelp as he fell from his board and started to swim back to shore. Daze just sat there, grinning. Good, runners make a more satisfying meal. he thought as he dived into the waters and swam after him. Chase flailed his arms besides him as he tried to get away from the hungry predator with all his might. To his horror, he concluded that Daze was already less than a couple of yards away from him. No, get back! Im not ending up as your lunch! he tried to yell out. A moment later, he felt one of Dazes arms wrap around his waist, making him unable to swim any further. There there, little one. Youll end up where I want you to. But the duration of your little trip depends on how your behavior is. Dazes deeper voice replied with a joking tone as he held the squirming wolf tightly against his chest as he started to swim back towards the surfboards.
No! Let me go, you mad wolf! he yelled out as Daze chuckled louder. They cant hear you, why do you think I chose this place? Ive done this before, and they all ended up where youll be shortly. Daze said as he licked his lips as he thought about it. Suddenly, he heard a rip as the body in between his arm and chest slipped out of it. What the-? he muttered as he saw the wolf swimming away, a torn piece of diving suit clutched between his claws. Hmpf. he said with a smile as he swam after Chase again. This one is putting up a fight, this could get interesting he thought as he succeeded in grabbing hold of his prey for the second time. Yelping and screaming, Chase tried to break free once more, but found himself getting tired, the grip on his body not weakening at all.
Daze looked over his shoulder as he gasped softly, tightening his grip as he spoke to his prey. Hang on, this could get rather wild. he said. Help! What are you talking abou Chase began, but found his sentence cut off short as an immense wave crashed down on them, sending them rolling about beneath the waters. Dazes grip didnt budge, even though Chase tried once more to break free. After a few seconds, the tolling stopped and Daze dragged himself and the gray wolf back to the surface. His energy largely spent, Chase decided that any more escape attempts would be futile. Instead, he allowed the wolf to swim him back to the boards.
Hopping onto his own and pulling Chases body out of the waters, Daze licked his lips again. A real salty gray wolf, how delightful. he said with a chuckle as he parted his jaws, his teeth and large tongue revealing themselves to his worn out prey. Almost with a toss, Chase landed face first into Dazes maw, his face being assaulted by the wet and red tongue that was now licking his muzzle and beanie all over. He could hear Daze murr loudly as he still held a tight grip on him, pinning Chases arms to his sides. Daze took a gulp and Chase felt his head and shoulders slide into Dazes slick and warm throat. He whimpered softly as he tried once more to get out of the rather unpleasant situation. Kicking and squirming vigorously, Chase proceeded to crawl back out of the throat he was in, but Dazes grip was too strong for him. instead he found himself speeding up his decent, as his Body slipped further into the abyss that awaited him, daze gulping him down steadily while gently pushing him in. A loud murr vibrated from the walls that kneaded and squeezed him, the gulping noise being heard all around him. Chase kept on thrashing and squirming, but it only seemed to make Dazes part in it even more fun. He sighed as he felt the wolfs tongue coating his chest and belly in a layer of saliva as another greedy swallow forced him deeper into Dazes body.
His nose pressed through a tight hole, and before he knew it, he was staring right into the churning and tight stomach where he would be residing for a while. His arms being pinned down by the strong throat muscles that held them, Chase could only allow his body to fill out inside his captors stomach. He growled softly, plotting revenge if he ever got out of here. He felt himself curl up as more of his body joined him, the walls softly holding him and kneading at him as he could feel his head resting upon one of Dazes legs as he sat on his board. Outside, Daze closed his eyes in bliss as he tasted his meal. The added struggles and squirms made it all the more enjoyable and he murred loudly in return. This ones definitely a keeper. he thought to himself. He felt Chases body fill out inside of him and unzipped his suit so his belly would be allowed to expand as more of the gray wolf entered him. Soon, his belly size was so large that he could actually feel Chases weight resting on his legs. With a last pull from his tongue, Chases feet disappeared behind his teeth, and he closed his maw behind them, giving them a good lick before sending them down. He proceeded to gently stroke the outlines of Chase beneath his fur. At last he felt his stomach close up behind his wonderful meal, but not before letting a rather large amount of air escape it in the form of a satisfying belch. Daze licked his lips as his tail wagged happily behind him, the taste of his meal still in his mouth. Well, you were persistent he said as he gave his squirming and slightly thrashing belly a satisfied look. but in the end, you ended up where I wanted you too. And if you behave, you might get out soon. Who knows he said with a chuckle as he lay down on his board, closing his eyes as he groaned softly at the movements Chase made within him.
Chase couldnt believe the situation he was in right now. He was crammed up inside a random wolfs stomach, and there was nothing he could do. Typical of him for being so gullible to think he would even get a free surfing lesson. Daze just had the word predator written all over him and his by now probably very large belly. Chase sighed and ceased his struggles, instead allowing Dazes stomach to adjust to his form, making it a more comfortable place to be in. Giving it a couple of thoughts, Chase concluded that it wasnt so bad after all. It was warm for one, and for some reason it felt soothing. He felt safe here, and maybe he could gain something out of this after all.
Daze lay there, occasionally patting or stroking his large and rounded stomach, his fur all dry now as he enjoyed the feeling of the sunlight warming up his body and belly. He murred softly as Chase continued to shift a bit inside of him from time to time. Suddenly however, Chases muffled voice called out to him. Daze? he inquired. Opening one eye lazily, Daze lifted his chest up to get a better look at the belly before him, trying to imagine an imaginary head staring back at him from underneath the furry bulge. Yes, my delicious meal? he said with a chuckle. Ignoring his reply, Chase continued his conversation. You know, I wont tell anyone about what happened here if you do something for me. he said, trying to sound as firm as possible. Slightly taken aback by the sudden statement, Daze proceeded to chuckle, his belly shaking as he did so. What makes you think Id care if you told people or not? Its not like its a crime. And besides, if you decide to tell, Ill just be forced to keep you in there, I guess. he said with a grin. Chase rolled his eyes inside the slightly illuminated fleshy room. We both know you cant hold me in here forever. And for your information, it is a crime to eat someone without their permission. I can easily sue you. Chase said, even though he knew he wasnt completely right, but he hoped Daze was oblivious of that fact.
It is? Daze said with a frown as he recalled his previous meals. They had been willing and unwilling, although he did recall the unwilling ones ended up willing in the end. Well... he said as he placed both his hands onto the bulge Chase made. What is it that you want then? he inquired, just to see what it would take to make Chase finally accept his fate. I I want you to be my friend. Chase said weakly as he blushed inside of the wolfs belly. Daze blinked as he repeated what Chase had just said. You want me to be your friend? He could feel Chase nodding inside of him and was unable to produce any words. The thing is I just moved here and well its hard to make friends, and there are a lot of unfriendly people out there. You think you could you know help me a bit? Chases muffled voice continued. Stroking his belly again with a smile, Daze nodded. Sure, we can be friends. This is kind of an awkward moment for people to become friends but if that is what you wish, I can oblige. Daze said as he lay back down. Gleaming with joy, Chase proceeded to relax and settle inside of his new friends belly. Thanks Daze, really. he said as he closed his eyes for a moment. Not a problem, Chase. he said as he flipped onto his belly for a moment, grabbing the board next to his. Hold on, Ill swim us back to shore, Ive been out here long enough. he told his belly as he swam back, the added weight inside of him making him a tad slower. Arriving at the clubhouse, Leon gasped as he saw Daze come in, his stomach poking out quite a tad as he noticed the vague shape of Chases body inside of it. Daze! You did it again?! You know you can only eat as much customers a week! Leon warned him as he inspected Dazes latest catch. Oh relax Leon, this one is different. he said as he stared down at his bulge with a smile, stroking it gently again. This might feel a bit weird, but dont worry. he told Chase as he took a deep breath. In a matter of seconds, his belly shrunk back to its normal size, the large bulge being replaced by Dazes six pack one again. There, now no one will even notice while I take him home. Daze said as he gave Leon a pat on the shoulder.
 Youre going? Leon inquired as Daze stopped in his tracks. Ill take it Ill see you and your new catch at that party tonight then? the lizard said with a joking and taunting voice. Oh hes in alright. Hes definitely in. Daze said with a smirk and chuckle as he stroked over his flat belly, feeling Chase shift a bit inside as he made his way back towards his cottage and a new chapter in his life.
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The story that explains how Daze and Chase 'met'. ^^
No need to say more, enjoy my first story in a while. ;o Yes, I is rusty. ^^

M/M wolf/wolf SOV

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Hmm, i dont know if its just me m8 but i dont see any text :s but i shall download it and read it in the morning before work ^_^ (Reading or looking at vore allways puts me in a cheery mood before work lol)


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! Same problem as you then ;D
I'll try 'n fix it ^^