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In there and back again
The winds spread their cool breeze throughout the forest as they passed through. The leaves gently shivered as the air touched them, a soft howl echoing through the valley. It was a nice spring afternoon, and the sun was letting her illuminating rays touch every speck of darkness they could possibly reach. The sound of a nearby river floating gently downstream and the birds chirping gave the whole scenario an almost fairy-tale like tone. Yet through the silvery pine trees and the lush green oasis of bushes, there was a large spot of white. Tucked in between the trees and bushes that secured his private meadow, Akela the Guardian wolf lay dormant on the soft emerald grass. He was breathing slowly and gently, his amber eyes closed for the time being, and his ears occasionally flicking about when they detected something. Yet he didnt wake up, the warm sunrays gently coating his white furry coat in a warm glow, making him so comfortable it wouldve been hard for anyone to awaken. Today was his day off, and he always looked forward to those days. Being a Guardian brought along immense responsibilities, and he was glad that he did no longer have to carry that burden alone. He still cherished the day he had met Finnegan, the Husky that agreed to befriend and help him in his task of protecting the forest and nature. Finn had left early in the morning, starting his daily patrol again, letting his lupine friend sleep in, in the knowledge that he appreciated his sleep.
Finn was strolling about in the forest, his otherwise smooth and clean fur a bit ruffled and dirty. It had been an awful day so far, he thought to himself. He felt the weight in his paws increase with each step he took, and he was overjoyed to be able to return back to the meadow and get some sleep himself. He smiled at the thought, knowing Akela would still be sleeping. Just like his friend and mentor, he liked his days off as well, as they each took turns in fulfilling their daily duties. But today had gone wrong, very wrong.
It all started when Finn had encountered the beavers on yet another of their fights over who owned their dam. Finn had tried to keep his patience, but in the end he had been forced to resolve the matter by ordering the beavers to just let it go and build a second dam. Afterwards, he had been forced to climb into a tree to go and save a baby bird from falling off the branches, as the little tike hadnt learned how to fly just yet. Upon returning to the ground with the very unnecessary aid of gravity, Finn had growled but smiled when the little birds parents had thanked him for his patience. But that was just the start, for after a while he discovered that Brutus the bear was still hibernating. Concluding it was way past his hibernation time, Finn had decided to wake him up. After dodging a few swipes, jaws and growls, he had made a mental note to never attempt that little trick ever again. Upon taking his break, he went over to the pond Akela had warned him about, hoping the waters would grant him the energy to survive the rest of the day. It wouldve made the perfect plan were it not for the rather large mountain cougar sitting right in front of the pond. Finns attempt for a conversation failed, and he was forced yet again to abandon his plans and return to his normal patrol schedule.
And so the rest of the day went by, disaster after disaster, until he finally reached the soft and cool meadow. He smiled, although weakly, as he noticed the large pile of white fur lying in the middle of the patch of grass. He trotted over, flopping down on his belly next to the wolf, exhausted and panting a bit. Akelas ears perched and flicked about as they noticed the strange noise, and slowly he opened his eyes with a wide yawn. Turning his head, he noticed the smaller and rather tired Husky lying against one of his sides. Smiling as he gave his head a little loving lick, he spoke. My, my, you look absolutely dreadful. Care to explain? he inquired with a joking yet friendly tone. Shaking his head, Finn proceeded to roll over on his back, staring up at the lupine head that blocked his sunlight. Awful, just. awful. he said with a weak voice. Everything went wrong today. I feel like a mountain dropped right on Me. the Husky said with a sigh. Giving his friend a concerned look, Akela proceeded to lie down again, providing Finn with a sort of furry cushion to lie against. He snuggled into the fur eagerly, closing his eyes and sighing again. There, there. Its over now. Ill take the next two days, you take a break. You do far too much already. the wolf assured him in his soothing and friendly tone. Barely trying to nod, Finn rested his head against Akelas fur and tried to snooze for a bit as the wolf rested his head on the floor as well.
A couple of moments later, both of their heads perched up as they heard the same noise in the distance. Ill get it. Akela said as he stood up, but Finn laid his paw on the wolfs shoulder. Staring down at him with disbelief, he saw the Husky had already stood up and was running towards the direction of the sound. Finn, no! Take a rest! Akela called out to him, but knowing Finn, he realized it was pointless. That boy has too much pride. Akela muttered to himself as he chuckled, lying down on the spot again, waiting for Finn to return.
A couple of hours later, the bushes at the entrance of the meadow ruffled, and Akela perched his head up again as he heard the snapping of twigs. Finnegan? Akela called out to the stranger, and gasped as he noticed the Husky. His fur completely dirty and ruffled, his face covered in mud and his tail between his legs, Finn looked as if he was about to cry. Akela immediately walked over to him, sitting down in front of him and extending a paw to draw him closer to his chest. Well, what happened? Why didnt you call me? the wolf inquired as he couldnt help but hide the worried tone in his voice. Dunno... thought I could... handle the Husky muttered in a low voice, his voice irritated and whimpering. Sighing, Akela proceeded to grab Finn by the neck fur, carrying him off to the pond. Hey, Akela! What the-? the Husky gasped as he felt himself being lifted. The next thing he knew, he landed feet first into the cool and clean waters with a loud splash. I wont have a dirty and sad Husky on my premises. Akela said bluntly with a smile as he walked over to the edges to grab Finn out of the pond again. His fur completely renewed, Akela lay down next to his friend, wrapping his larger body around him in an attempt to keep him warm and dry.
You dont have to bother really all I wanna do is get some rest Finn said in another low voice as Akela chuckled, giving him a little nudge in the neck. Rest by all means, no one will bother us anymore. he assured his friend as they both lay down and attempted to rest for the second time that day. The sun was starting to set, her brilliant golden colors being replaced with a darker orange and even blood red glow. Soon, she disappeared behind the clouds, leaving behind a legacy of dark purple, blue, yellow, pink and orange in the skies as the dark of night approached. Surely, stars started to appear, glowing brightly as the sounds inside of the forest subsided. Finn had finally fallen asleep, and Akela had stayed awake just in case someone needed his help.
As if on cue, yet another shriek could be heard from deep within the forests, and the wolf cocked his head to one side as he inspected the area the sound originated from. Hmmm the beavers nothing but trouble those, they can wait he thought to himself. But Finn had already started to shift around next to him, attempting to stand up. Oh no, Finnegan. Youre not going anywhere. Ill handle this if youre so eager on seeing to it that theyre helped. the wolf replied as he stood up, the Husky shaking his head. No, its... its fine Ill d-do it... he said as he fell face first onto the floor. Rushing towards the Husky, Akela shook his head. Im afraid I cant let you wander off anywhere in that condition, my friend. Akela informed him as he dragged him back to the spot in the grass. Look at you, youre absolutely knackered. the wolf persisted. Finn was starting to realize Akela was right, but he didnt care. He had a duty to fulfill. We must check it out, its our job... he said in the same tired voice again. Pondering the situation, Akela smiled as he lowered his head next to Finns. Well, knowing you, youre gonna be persistent about this for a while, so theres a way to capture two birds with one stone. And you dont have any say in it, really. Youre getting a rest and Ill see to the problems for a while until youve regained your strength and thats final. the wolf said resolutely.
Looking up at the larger wolf, Finn lowered his ears as he whimpered softly. Akela had yawned widely and opened his maw, revealing his pearl white teeth and dark red tongue. The next moment, Finn closed his eyes as he felt Akelas tongue press against his nose, before sliding under it, to his chin and throat. He felt his head stroke against the roof of the wolfs maw, as his tongue gently pulled the Husky in. Akela took a gentle gulp as he felt Finns head slide past his maw, into his warm and soothing throat. What are you? he heard Finns muffled voice calling out from beneath his slightly bulging throat, and he smiled. Dont you worry. he thought as he let his tongue scout the furry outlines of his friend, Ill put you where you belong for now. the wolf continued in thought as he opened his maw wider to engulf the Huskys broad chest and forelegs into his cheeks. Inside of him, Finn felt the strong and all too familiar throat muscles stroke and squeeze him, gently pushing him down towards his favorite place in the world. Though he was too tired and worn out to provide any support in the act, he knew that Akela could handle it all too well.
Slowly, he slid his maw over the Huskys belly and waist, slowly letting his tongue wrap around them, pulling them in. He murred softly, the vibrations making his chest and bulging throat vibrate in the process. He could feel Finn shiver and wriggle slightly and chuckled, knowing that the Husky was trying to help. He paused for a moment as he felt Finns nose poke through his stomach ring and smiled, his maw full of Husky waist. He took another swallow, and it vanished within his dark and pulsing gullet, as he tilted his head up to finish off his friends tail and hind legs.
Inside of him, Finn felt the tight ring of muscle open up to allow him to fill out inside the large wolfs stomach. Opening his eyes again, he was greeted by the squishy and inviting pink walls that seemed to pulsate slightly. He felt his muzzle tough the floor of the fleshy room and he licked it gently, trying to thank Akela for his help and trust. Hearing the loud murr that seemed to come from all around him, he giggled softly, realizing the message had been well received. The tight throat muscles continued to gently push him into the rather roomy stomach, and he felt his forepaws freeing themselves from the stomach rings grip. Gently, he placed them upon the squishy pink floor, feeling the layer of saliva, chuckling softly. He had always liked the extra room he received when inside of his friend, it made his stays all the more enjoyable.
Feeling his friend shift and move about within his stomach already, the white wolf proceeded to take a powerful swallow, sucking on the Huskys hind feet and tail tip before sealing his black lips around them and trapping them inside of his warm and moist maw. Giving them a last few licks, experiencing the delicious taste, he tilted his head back in one last gulp, the massive bulge in his neck sliding down as it made his white fur rippled downwards in the moonlight. He licked his lips and took a large breath again as he felt the lump of Husky slide past his chest, and later into his stomach. He could see and feel Finn shift about as he curled up, his belly rounding out neatly around his friend in the process, keeping him tightly secured for the time being. Akela raised a paw as he sat there, stroking his Finn-filled bulge as he smiled, followed by an infamous Akela loud-belch.
As he curled up, his fur brushing against the belly walls that held him, Finn couldnt help but moan softly in bliss, finally in a state of complete peace. He looked around him as he felt the wolfs body cradling his inside of it, and couldnt be happier with the results of Akelas decision. Hed been right, he would be able to address the problems of the forest and Finn could get a rest at the same time as well. Feeling the walls tremble as Akela released his loud belch, Finn chuckled slightly. Akela had once explained to him that it was his way of saying thanks to him for being so rather tasty and filling. He shifted about within Akelas stomach for a while before he gave the nearest stomach wall a gentle and caring lick, before brushing his head alongside it. Barely feeling himself being lifted from the ground, Akelas belly probably swollen as it was, Finn closed his eyes, tumbling off into a deep sleep.
Licking his lips one final time and taking a few experimental walks first, Akela nodded at himself. Finn was tucked away for the night, and now he could go and address the little problems on his own. Chuckling at the fact that the Husky had already fallen asleep inside of him, he set out to the beavers. As expected, the whole trip was pointless, since the flat-tailed and stubborn rodents were bickering over the exact same thing again. After warning them that the next time he had to come over it wouldnt be a friendly visit anymore, he returned to the meadow, careful not to dash and keep his belly dragging nice and calm. He knew this was the best solution. His stomach was the only place Finn was always comfortable in, and he loved the feeling of helping his friend out as well. He finally arrived at the pond again, gently lowering himself and lying on his side as he stared into the waters at his reflection. He could feel the soothing heartbeat and breathing of his worn-out friend inside of him, and it made him murr softly as he smiled. He curled up around his distended stomach, giving it a few approving licks before he brushed his head alongside its outline, falling asleep a few moments after.
And for the rest of that night, the Guardian ignored both the bickering beavers and the creatures of the night, for neither them nor the rest of the world would disturb his apprentice out of his deep and deserved slumber.
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Finn gets absolutely knackered and Akela decides it's time for him to rest. x) He'll have no backtalk on this one!

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Posted by Stray 11 years ago Report

Whe, I can't get on FA at the mo' so hear will have to do, I'll leave a better review on FA when I have more time, but for now, a very approving thumbs up from me!


Posted by Akela 11 years ago Report

Haha ^^ Good thing you read it though. ^^ Was fun to write, as s always the case with Finn. o/


Posted by Tsavo 11 years ago Report

Good story as always.


Posted by Akela 11 years ago Report

Thank you, appreciated. As always. ^^