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Jitoru's Art Trade (Mistake) By Tsavo -- Report

Uploaded: 11 years ago

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My part of an art trade with Jitoru. Probably my best work thus far. Yeah, I drew boobs. I'm as surprised as you are.

(EDIT) Actually, due to some miscommunication, I did my half of the art trade wrong. I will leave this work up, but consider it just another random comic.)

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Posted by French_snack 11 years ago Report

Nice! I like the facial expressions; you're clearly good at those. I particularly like figure 8, for some reason.

Shame about the cat girl; she looked nice. At least she was put to good use. ;)


Posted by Tsavo 11 years ago Report

Thanks, panel 8 is my favorite too.


Posted by Green_Glutton 11 years ago Report

Wow great job! Just love the swallowing part and the picture of her with a big belly! :D


Posted by HeroSoulSword 11 years ago Report

Wow, awesome job! You even drew nipples. That was so hot. Like everyone else, pannel 8 is my fav.


Posted by Jacquelope 11 years ago Report

Good idea there. Extending her stomach into the tail section helps reduce the belly bulge, potentially allowing her some mobility. And I second French Snack on that last panel... it looks like she's massaging her squirming meal like that eel girl did. So how long does it take, anyway? :D


Posted by DancingQueen6281 11 years ago Report

Wow, really stunning work.


Posted by Saiai 11 years ago Report

Holy God this is so beautiful, in ways I can't put into words.


Posted by Tsavo 11 years ago Report

Glad everybody likes it. It's my first comic with my new tablet. :D


Posted by Jacquelope 11 years ago Report

It's not just the tablet thing, you really put some serious thought into this too. It's all the little details put together that make it so awesome.


Posted by Omicron_xd5 11 years ago Report

That is awesome!!! :D
Especially since it was done by tablet too :D


Posted by preved_yt 11 years ago Report



Posted by Ashley_Urikoshima 11 years ago Report

Adorable! Hehe, a really great little scene ^^ and wonderful to see a delicious catgirl in sneakers go down a treat! <3


Posted by Jitoru 11 years ago Report

Aww, poor Mitsuko ^^; My mind is blown... I don't even know what to say... your art rocks dude


Posted by VixieMoondew 11 years ago Report

Great art and all... but are you sure these are the characters? o.o;; I didn't think Jitters was a fan of naked f/f vore.


Posted by Tsavo 11 years ago Report

You know, I have no idea. Consider it a mistake on my part, and I'll be repaying her for my brain's lapse in concentration. >_<


Posted by Swallow-Her 11 years ago Report

Wow, this is really great! My favourite panel is the sixth one, personally.. Great job!


Posted by Fear 11 years ago Report



Posted by 4ofSwords 11 years ago Report

Great job on the shading!


Posted by Phoenixdemon 11 years ago Report

Gotta love a pred with a sense of humor and in progress vore is always welcome.


Posted by chaso07 11 years ago Report

nice work. i really like panel 7


Posted by Shady_Knight 11 years ago Report

Fantastic work.


Posted by muncher 10 years ago Report

Phenomenal! really enjoy your f/f vore work ;)


Posted by Tsavo 10 years ago Report

Always good to know I've pleased some people. :D