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DoubleDFun - 2 By Dolorcin -- Report

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Continuation of the vaginal tug of war ( ). And here's the votes:

Left Orca: 9 (WINNER!)
Right Orca: 3

Initially had 6 panels, but half got messed up rather badly, and I was too lazy to redraw 'em. But at least the juicier parts are still intact. :P

The fun doesn't end here. :D How might my fellow viewers want this to continue? The trainer being transformed into a calf and nourishment for a calf to come were mentioned the last time. Perfectly fine with doing one of those, but I wanna hear more ideas before I start on anything. :)

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Posted by Terastas 10 years ago Report

If it were me, I'd have him stay human so the orcas can keep him as a pet and/or sex toy (maybe even take turns being pregnant with him), but that's just me.

The only option I'm really leaning away from is him turning into nourishment for a calf. First, why would a human digest and orca sperm not, and second, why collect nourishment for a calf you probably aren't ever going to have (would they have been horny enough to use a human as a double-dildo if there were any males around? ~_^).


Posted by Dolorcin 10 years ago Report

That seems to be the general preference as well. :)

And well, this is a fantasy situation, anything could occur with only the imagination as the limit. :P


Posted by Baz 10 years ago Report

I'm with Terestas on this one :) Keep him as a pet/toy!


Posted by Dolorcin 10 years ago Report

Will do then, I have in mind a lot of ideas on how to progress this comic, but most likely going for a full tour with the right orca. :)


Posted by kernac 10 years ago Report

Umm, looks comfy in there^^


Posted by Dolorcin 10 years ago Report

It sure is! :D


Posted by TPS 10 years ago Report

I personally really enjoy UB that ends with the "victim" being transformed into the "parent's" species. I would love to see him turned into an orca calf!


Posted by Dolorcin 10 years ago Report

I kinda like it too, having a slight transformation fetish. :)I'm considering doing a side comic with that fate for the trainer.


Posted by Dolorcin 10 years ago Report

About the PM you sent me, I'm having trouble replying. Keeps timing out whenever I try to send the message.

But, I would definitely appreciate the extra information and references on the orcas! Share as much as you're willing to.


Posted by soline 10 years ago Report

lovely as always dolorcin

if I had a say I'd make the left orca shrink to half size and be unbirthed/anal vored by the right


Posted by DragonsKey 10 years ago Report

I'd like it the other way around


Posted by wayc 10 years ago Report

I don't really like transformation... and it doesn't make sense anymore for him to turn into nourishment for a calf. After all, they're lesbian orcas. XDDD Why would one have a calf? I think it needs more naked guy though. Keep him a toy. Looks like they had fun with him. Hehe.


Posted by Dolorcin 10 years ago Report

A toy he shall be then. :) Already sketched out a few panels of the next page, and it's still very similar in terms of content with your post back in August. :P (Hint: Vore!)


Posted by Anonymous 10 years ago Report

Such an incredibly lucky guy he is! I sure go with other people saying that he should be kept in their for awhile and become a nice little orca calf ^.^


Posted by Dolorcin 10 years ago Report

Thanks! Maybe once I'm done with the main comic here, I'll add in a transformation side series as well. :) I like that idea too.


Posted by Rayverak 10 years ago Report

Very nice, I'll just lean back in hopes that the human will continue to be toyed with. (^vxxv^)


Posted by Dolorcin 10 years ago Report

Thank you! And yes, the orcas (Or the still unsatisfied right orca in this case) will still be having fun with their trainer. :)


Posted by DragonsKey 10 years ago Report

I didn't know you were part of Eka's. Big fan of both your's and Dolorcin's works


Posted by Rayverak 5 years ago Report

I am not a part of the page, I am in fact a separate entity. :)