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Eve's New Meal By EveAra -- Report

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I realized I haven't drawn Eve in action for quite some time, so here's the first in a little series. Eve prefers male prey by far, but this time she's ensnared an uppity village girl that has been a nuisance for quite some time.

Lacking the glands of a true naga, Eve trained to become an apothecary of great skill, and has an arsenal of tranquilizers and aphrodisiacs that enable her to be a master of manipulating her prey. Here, the mousey woman is slowly coming out of a mild paralysis. At this point, Eve has very little to worry about, as her prey will remain rather helpless as she is increasingly engulfed.

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Posted by BlackRose 10 years ago Report

Always feels good to get rid of those uppidy types! Nice work on this hun ^^


Posted by haloronin 10 years ago Report

ohh ohh Me next Puhleeeeze! :3 heh


Posted by Eurodex 10 years ago Report

Ooh, I had no idea she was like that. Excellent!


Posted by Arkain 10 years ago Report

OOoooo. Excellent pic. Love the way the nagas tonguer is playing with her,


Posted by Kulimbor 10 years ago Report

Very nice picture. Can't wait to see more. :)


Posted by Eka 10 years ago Report

*Something I can not unsee* The hair on her pony tail seem far too dynamic compare to the rest of the calm and static composure shared with the rest of the drawing.

Other then that, though, the drawing is really cool. The description sorta give away the "ending" as it imply the girl is going to be nothing but food, which shows a strong contrast with the calmness of the expression and style. Despite my preferences, I think I still like it quite a bit.


Posted by EveAra 10 years ago Report

Yeah, I guess I got carried away with my purpose. I tend to write my descriptions as documentaries, instead of a narrative approach. >.< I may edit it a bit, just so people can have their own ideas about the picture.


Posted by Cilis 10 years ago Report

I liked the nerrative, I'm just supposing some of your fans would rather see a happy ending.

If there is a 'happy ending' story behind how Eve became half naga, that might appease em =3


Posted by EveAra 10 years ago Report

Yeah, Eve is not a nice person(though she doesn't know it, she is getting better though) and her history is a dark one, but the discovery of her naga half was indeed a fortuitous turning point in her life. It does need to be told, I just wanna get it right, Eve is a very near and dear character to me. There is one character that she would possibly unbirth without actually eating them, perhaps I will draw that someday.

Personally, I'm more of a fan of final fates, but I do illustrate a couple nonfatal scenarios in my gallery and I may make a few more. In the meanwhile, it is a good idea to leave the descriptions on my pictures somewhat open, so they can be interpreted as the audience wishes. I know it can mar the enjoyment of a picture for me if the artist starts talking about dismemberment or impending sharp teeth, etc.


Posted by Tabatha_Cat 10 years ago Report

*purrrrrrr!* Some impudent little rodent needs to be taught her place on the food chain? How wonderful! The mouse looks to be completely knocked out and helpless; did she knock her out, to drag her to a secluded spot, where she could strip her and take her meal? I really like the way you convey her as just woozily becoming aware of her surroundings.