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Eleanor and her favorite food By miranda_dragon

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Commissioned art by the wonderful Vera!

And of course, here we have Eleanor again and her favorite food, a horse!

She looks REALLY hungry in this one. That look in her eyes is ravenous.

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Posted by Phoenixdemon 9 years ago

I absolutely love the detail in this image, I mean you can actually see clear bone structure.

And of course it's very sexy I love a determined pred


Posted by PyroOutlander 9 years ago

I always wondered if she also eats her own kind and the males of her kind


Posted by miranda_dragon 9 years ago

If she can fit it into her mouth, you can bet she will eat it.


Posted by PyroOutlander 9 years ago

haahaa that would b asight to see! her being a cannibal on other cows who have better milk and utters etc she gets jealous and eats them gains their milk producing areas her milk gets more divine and eats bulls that ignore her :D


Posted by kernac 9 years ago

Delightfully sexy^^ Eleanor always find a way to be extra sexy whatever she's doing heh.


Posted by RenegadeMyth 9 years ago

Eleanor is quite sexy, but poor horsies!


Posted by 4ofSwords 9 years ago

That's such a great drawing; Vera's detail level (like the little tufts of fur above her areolas) and shading skills really bring out Eleanor's sexiness; she did an amazing job fitting those two sizes of creatures together without making anything look strained.


Posted by Slash 9 years ago

This is a wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing it.:)


Posted by DarkArtist 9 years ago

Slightly werid, yet, still very nice!


Posted by prisoner 9 years ago

This one's a keeper. Brown-scale win? ^^


Posted by Kruft 9 years ago

As ever, love it. 'specially the drool


Posted by Evoc 9 years ago

Ah, she's a beauty as always. Well done by Vera, i need to watch her.


Posted by Rogue 9 years ago

incredibly amazing... heh, even during moments like these, she's still sexy enough to lure others... she's that awsome!


Posted by Herschal 9 years ago

I always figured her favorite food was whatever was in reach. Lovely pic!


Posted by miranda_dragon 9 years ago

Well, yes that is most accurate usually. But, equines are tasty!


Posted by Max_C 9 years ago

Love the little hint of pudge on her belly. Very nice.


Posted by Gloom 9 years ago

Wow, this is so good! I love Vera's artwork... she's really, really talented! I think that big maw and big belly will assure that the horse end up where it belong. Eleanor surely looks like she's enjoying it. :3


Posted by miranda_dragon 9 years ago

You can be sure she is. It feels so good to her to eat like that. :)