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Did I mention I love horses? By miranda_dragon -- Report

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More incredible art done by Vera:

I know, another horse. But, they're SO delicious. And they have such wonderful rear ends...umm...just tasty.

*belches and pats belly*

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Posted by unicorn 9 years ago Report

It's a good thing horses are in ample supply!

I certainly love horses, but i love seeing you gobble them up too. ^.^ *rubs your belly, massaging the soft flesh deeply*


Posted by miranda_dragon 9 years ago Report

*hugs you to her noisy belly, purring*. Mmm, you are a credit to your kind. :)


Posted by Galis 9 years ago Report

Especially in sexiness and flavor! Save a few for the other dragons, green and curvy one! ;)


Posted by Speed-the-voraphilite 9 years ago Report

Hehehe ^^ Never tried a horse before, but the look on your face tells me they're good *Begins rubbing your cute belly*


Posted by LeSarthois 9 years ago Report

Is there anything you DON'T like? =3


Posted by miranda_dragon 9 years ago Report

Hehe, not really. But equines are at the top.


Posted by MStuarn 9 years ago Report

Big cocks, lushy fur, long tails, hoofs, and an eagerness to end up as more chub for a big, matronal predator. What's not to love about them?


Posted by prisoner 9 years ago Report

Oh wow, that horse looks so very tasty. What a lucky dragon.


Posted by Sempai13 9 years ago Report

Did I Mention I LOVE THIS!? xDD and that I also love Miranda- quite possibly my favorite dragoness :3


Posted by Ash_Pup 9 years ago Report

Oh dear XD
Makes me wonder what'd happen if thee and Eleanor met X3


Posted by Sun_The_Fox 9 years ago Report

Horses get all the fun. >.< *pokes the 'filled' belly rather curiously*
Is it me or are these pics getting better and better? ^^


Posted by miranda_dragon 9 years ago Report

I don't know if they're getting better or not. Styles chance from artist to artist.


Posted by Stalbon 9 years ago Report

Oh, my! Incredible work indeed. All that slickness really adds to the piece, and I love the coloring. :>


Posted by Nipper 9 years ago Report

Mmm, very nice! And yes, equine asses are fantastic. ;)


Posted by analist_vorister 9 years ago Report

You just gotta love a meaty rear end. ;)


Posted by Gloom 9 years ago Report

Wow, love this one. Looks like someone's enjoying the hose quite allot.


Posted by Anonymous 9 years ago Report

Man i would LOVE to get vore by that dragon!


Posted by Taismo 9 years ago Report

I have a fox character that you would love to eat probably.


Posted by Angel 9 years ago Report

Mm... Note to self: I should show up around this dragoness in my pegasus disguise sometime, and see if she minds wings... ;-)


Posted by miranda_dragon 9 years ago Report

Wings digest like everything else. >_>


Posted by ublover1 7 years ago Report

I love horses too but it looks like u really really really love them in your belly lol:)


Posted by Royal_Starlord 4 years ago Report

*Doesn't mention that my Chinese zodiac is a horse* '_';;