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The Nerdiest Thing I've Drawn By WHTB -- Report

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Take this as you will.

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Posted by Slash 10 years ago Report

Nerdy or not, it's still well done.^^


Posted by Straxacore 10 years ago Report

I think its very cute ^_^ She looks good in that uniform. And what is she looking at? And wouldn't her crew mate be used to seeing her with that sexy tail


Posted by Art$avage 10 years ago Report

Hey, Starfleet doesn't discriminate.

As for you, Good Sir, you win 1 interweb in the form
of the following well-crafted link:


Posted by Masquerade 10 years ago Report



Posted by Taris 10 years ago Report

beat me to it :D


Posted by Misasura 9 years ago Report

This is why, if I ever go into Starfleet, I'll be a medical officer. They never die on planetary trips.


Posted by Liz 10 years ago Report

Either that or she got changed into a Naga recently by some sort of interplanety thing that seems to happen in that show :P

Over all I like this but she need a crew member in Red so she can snack on it :P


Posted by Z_Evil 10 years ago Report

Nerdy or not, got to love the naga ^^ They are almost always an instant win.


Posted by French_snack 10 years ago Report

No, Miss naga! Take that red shirt off! It's dangerous!


Posted by Bitter 10 years ago Report

The ship loses the foreground Redshirt when she becomes part of the local wildlife.

The ship loses the background Redshirt when he too "becomes part of the local wildlife".


Posted by Revx_Z 10 years ago Report

Nice one.


Posted by Zoekin 10 years ago Report


This reminds me a little of my Star Wars/Felarya crossover story. ;)

And I have to admit I've toyed with the idea of a naga or lamia in Starfleet.

^_^ I don't think exploring new ideas is at all nerdy. She looks fantastic.

As for how she got there-I blame Q.


Posted by loyd1 10 years ago Report

nice stuff man, nerdy isnt all bad.


Posted by BingFox 10 years ago Report

Perhaps the naga ate a crew member and is trying on her uniform?


Posted by l33tninj4 10 years ago Report

The guy "Well, like many red shirts before me, I'm gonna die today".


Posted by Rat_Guy 10 years ago Report

she's a really cute nerd/naga/Trekkie/elf/thing


Posted by MilkChocolate 10 years ago Report



Posted by Nixhound 10 years ago Report

well we know what happens to redshirts in the original... one of them is done for :)
I wonder which one...


Posted by Deleteduser_120 10 years ago Report

Maybe the Naga has her mind on other things, but her colleague has spotted something in front of him? Either way, nerdy or not, this is brilliantly drawn and coloured. Can't believe I didn't put you on my Watch list sooner. :)


Posted by Max_C 10 years ago Report

Looks great to me. The coloring job is amazing!


Posted by Catch22 10 years ago Report

Its sad they're redshirts. I wonder what finally kills the two of them...


Posted by WHTB 10 years ago Report

Uhura, Scotty, Picard, Riker, Sisco, Janeway, Paris, and Chakotay all wore red shirts. Nothing ever killed them permanently.


Posted by Hagen 10 years ago Report

Pff I think it's epicly cute.


Posted by GREGOLE 10 years ago Report

This is one of my favorite in your gallery. I really like the character designs and the background.

The naga girl seems very balanced. The uniform doesn't look out of place at all. Reminds me why I like my monstergirls clothed.
I like how her hair matches her scales. It's things like that that give a character design a sense of balance.

The background is amazing. It doesn't overwhelm, but it's detailed and looks very primal and untamed.


Posted by Demicus 10 years ago Report

(nerd attack)

Judging by both uniform and equipment, they appear to be late DS9 or Voyager era starfleet personel, in which its the guys in YELLOW and TEAL who get PWNED (or eaten) the most.

Side note: An episode of Voyager, first season, involved a case of hard vore, though it wasnt actually shown.

All in all, I heartly approve!


Posted by Demicus 10 years ago Report

Episode called Basics, part II, early on. Dude named Hogan gets vored by a snake/lizard (?). Not pretty results. Just in case anyone's interested.


Posted by Demicus 10 years ago Report

Oops, its the season 3 opener. >.<


Posted by Catch22 10 years ago Report

true. but i still belive at least the background guy is boned. why? the naga's the only one with a visible weapon.


Posted by temporos 10 years ago Report

I'd serve on a starship in... er... WITH that naga any day. X3


Posted by Kee_Fox 8 years ago Report

I wonder what its like having her as a CO


Posted by GUEST19216 6 years ago Report

keep her fed


Posted by GUEST19216 6 years ago Report

well that is my guess


Posted by EbonyRose 7 years ago Report

What happens when they meet. >.)


Posted by KuroWazaRMX 6 years ago Report

YES.......just.......yes... :D