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Madam Maggot & Tick Minions By NibblahFrog

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An idea for minions for Madam Maggot to use to subdue her victims so she can drain and devour them. These energy-sucking ticks latch on to whatever warm body they can, drinking their host's energy and weakening them in the process. As they feed, the ticks grow and grow until they are big enough to take their host inside their body. Too weak to resist, the host becomes a permament food source for the tick, who can feed until they are bloated with energy. When they are good and done, they waddle back to Madam Maggot, open their chest cavity and release their victim, presenting it as a gift to their queen. The tick then gets a kiss from Madam Maggot, giving up the energy they've drained and returning to their small size, ready to be used again.

Someone had a really good idea to call the ticks "Bed Bugs", since that's cuter and doesn't squick as many people out ;) I like it!

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Posted by Alexander_the_ant 8 years ago

Oohh.. I'd love to run into these ticks. ^^ <3 Particularily my cute anthro gren ant that we all know and love. ;3 <3


Posted by Alexander_the_ant 8 years ago

err... green ant that is. ^^;


Posted by unicorn 8 years ago

Well that's different! Kind of a neat idea :3


Posted by Akram 8 years ago

very cool O.o very creative

sounds wonderful :3


Posted by prisoner 8 years ago

<<33 Big hearts for this.


Posted by Fandaar 8 years ago

very creative and some how cute. great work


Posted by Nipper 8 years ago

Oooh, nice idea! Very different.


Posted by gulpin 8 years ago

impressive ^_^


Posted by greivous1214 7 years ago

Could you make a picture where one of the bed bugs goes too far up and into the womb, like, unbirth?