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The Reptile Lovers By jkssmtrfkr -- Report

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A sweet love story about a young man, a young woman, a 50-foot python, and a T-rex

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Posted by French_snack 10 years ago Report

It is a sweet story. You make Holly seem quite alive; she has a distinct personality. I also liked the description (in passing) of "krikkit", and the side reference to West Side Story (amusingly incongruous in this context).


Posted by jkssmtrfkr 10 years ago Report

Thank you so much for the feedback glad you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun writing Holly. Good pickup on the references, too. The choreographed knife fight bit comes from ten years of reading The Onion - that's just how my brain works. Though since it's now canon, I may actually expand on it in an upcoming story about the nano mafia. Stay tuned!


Posted by Throat_Wolf 10 years ago Report

For some reason I always let stories by you sit on my messages page for the longest time before getting around to reading them…and then I wish I'd read them when they first came out. This is damned fine stuff. I continue to be amazed by the fine level of world-building seen in these tales.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I can't help wondering why you keep writing for a fetish site. Your stuff is about the most non-fetishy vore I've ever read. I can't help thinking that it would make a great prospect for actual commercial publication. I know I've for darned sure seen weirder stuff see print.

(Even weirder stuff that involved being eaten alive. I remember one golden-era SF story that involved some kind of beast from one of Saturn's or Jupiter's moons that had tummy trouble, and the space veterinarian had to dress up in a diving suit and get eaten in order to check out what was wrong. Turned out it was pregnant in its stomach.)

If Jim Baen's Universe wasn't closing down, I would have suggested you submit something in their new-writer slushpile forum. Honestly, you're one of the best writers on this site and sometimes I feel like your talent is a little wasted on us.

But I can't say I'm not glad it is all the same. Your stories may not turn me on as much as some others, but they do something far, far better (and rarer, especially here)—they make me laugh. :)


Posted by jkssmtrfkr 10 years ago Report

Thank you - you're way too kind. And I think there's a lot of writing on this site that's more fiction than fetish - yours included. I'm just happy to be part of that community. I see it as an homage to Kilgore Trout, I guess. :)


Posted by DarthT15 8 years ago Report



Posted by nomnomfap 1 year ago Report

Just wanted to say this is still by far my favorite story on this site. Would love to read more in this universe some day!