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The Runner By jkssmtrfkr -- Report

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Sheri wanted to get in a quick run before a long day of work. A hungry jaguar had other plans for her day.

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Posted by GenericBunny 10 years ago Report

Hehehe, another great story ^^ I loved the part where the hungry jaguar was hunting her down ^^

I was sort of interested in what the nanos from the other stories thought about going through a bigger person, was interesting to have that answered :3

And of course the full tour was great, hehe. I look forward to your next story! =D


Posted by jkssmtrfkr 10 years ago Report

Thanks! I've got a few more stories in the pipeline that touch on the nano/human dynamic, with a wide spectrum of opinions on predation from both sides. Stay tuned!


Posted by Epicurus 10 years ago Report

If more people would actually think about how much better spending a day as cat food would be than working in an office, maybe office work wouldn't *be* so awful. I think the people who make office life unpleasant just might be better people if they got gulped every couple of months.

A really twisted idea of a crossover has formed in my head. (I'm not proposing to actually write it, or that anyone else should -- just to think about it for a moment and hopefully smile.) Corporate types from our world involuntarily visit an alternate universe where a big predator eats them -- and whether they went to Aekallia or Felarya depends on how their coworkers feel about them.


Posted by jkssmtrfkr 10 years ago Report

Heh - interesting idea... I can think of several coworkers who'd be good candidates for either.

Though I should state for the record that I don't put Aekallia in an alternate universe. Running an entire universe is a huge responsibility, what with all those cosmological constants to manage, and I'm afraid I'm just not up to it. I may play fast and loose with biology, but I don't like to touch cosmology.

In my mind, Aekallia exists as an exoplanet in this universe, possibly even this galaxy. Though not necessarily in our time frame - it could be a billion years in the future or a billion years in the past.

Thinking about it theoretically, though, Earth humans actually visiting Aekallia might not fare too well, since we didn't evolve the stronger bone structure and flexibility and digestive pore system creatures have evolved on Aekallia. Not only would we kill nanos they ate, we'd probably suffocate in predator stomachs.

I suppose it could work as a virtual reality/avatar type situation, but I don't want James Cameron suing me.

But you're right -- it is fun to think about...


Posted by Epicurus 10 years ago Report

Explicitly keeping the laws of physics the same except as specifically required for the story is good writing practice. Once you start fiddling with basic physics, you have to do an awful lot of work to really justify getting back to a recognizable world. Fortunately, it's accepted convention even for fairly hard science fiction to do a little hand waving and move on to the story. But everyone imagining a world has to decide how much they're willing to make up.

I find interesting that, because Aekallia is supposed to be in this cosmos but billions of galaxies away, it actually feels farther away to me than Felarya, which is a different cosmos with less plausible physics but explicitly includes interdimensional travel to this one.


Posted by Throat_Wolf 10 years ago Report

If it's a distant planet, I wouldn't say that the difference in digestive systems would necessarily be a problem. Anybody who the technology to transport humans to the exoplanet will be able to re-engineer them to Aekallian specs at the same time, with genetic engineering, retroviruses, nanites, transporter pattern reconstruction, or whatever your preferred flavor of phlebotinum is. (And give them a crash course in speaking the language while they're at it.)

I've occasionally thought it would be interesting to see a "humans visit Aekallia" story from the fish-out-of-water perspective that often shows up in your stories. On the other hand, that kind of story has been done so often in other settings that it's kind of trite.


Posted by jkssmtrfkr 10 years ago Report

Yeah, it's been suggested before. It's just not a story that I'm particularly interested in right now. Partly because I'm already writing a lot of fish-out-of-water stories just between all the different cultures and countries and species on the planet itself, and mostly because it's thoroughly depressing writing about manned interstellar travel when we can't even get people back to the moon.


Posted by unicorn 10 years ago Report

Hey, your writing is really well done :3 I enjoyed this!


Posted by jkssmtrfkr 10 years ago Report

Thank you so much!


Posted by French_snack 10 years ago Report

Having heard far too many idiots claim, quite seriously, that "Cows would eat us if they could", I appreciate the irony in her slogan.

Her "strangely liberating feeling" when being eaten is a nice touch, and something I've thought about quite often. The helplessness that would come with being eaten would also entail an end (temporary or permanent) to all hectic responsibilities and stress. In her case, I found it interesting that it gave her the jolt needed to remind her that her routine was not an absolute necessity.

I really liked her conversation with the nanos, too. From an embarrassing experience to a sudden revelation.


Posted by jkssmtrfkr 10 years ago Report

And by sheer coincidence, this story was written at a time when I was under craploads of work-related stress punctuated by pointless meetings and ridiculous deadlines... Go figure!


Posted by robowiggum 10 years ago Report

I have read almost all of your stories, and this one, so far, has been the best. good work :)


Posted by jkssmtrfkr 10 years ago Report

Thank you so much - I'm glad you liked it!


Posted by Throat_Wolf 10 years ago Report

I found this story quite good, too. Funny to see the different perspectives of differently-sized preds and prey.

Might be interesting to take things a step further in terms of "seeing how the other half lives"—a mad scientist making a shrinking/growth beam perhaps. An Aekallian take on "Prince and the Pauper," in which a nano is grown to human size and a human shrunk to nano size.

Just a thought.


Posted by jkssmtrfkr 10 years ago Report

I have had some ideas along this line, actually, but a slightly different take. Lycanthropism (the genetic duality that creates were-species) can occur between any two species - including hominid species. It's very rare, but there could be a human-amazon were, or a human-ogre were, or even a human-nano were.

And lycanthropism is a condition that can skip generations. So it's certainly possible for someone to grow up as a human, believing themselves to be fully human, and suddenly being quite surprised to wake up one morning and find themselves to be a 20-foot-tall ogre or a 2-inch-tall nano. Or vice-versa.

Now that could make for an interesting story...


Posted by Bright 10 years ago Report

Finally got up to read this story.
Its quite good, your stories always gives me a good laugh.


Posted by shlurpay64 8 years ago Report

I actually laughed out loud at a vore story today, that was fantastic, my props to you. :)


Posted by ZaaZaa 6 years ago Report

You have wonderful grammar!!!