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Merge By WHTB -- Report

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Normally when I hear someone say "merge" I imagine the horrifying and painful process of merging C code from separate subversion branches.

But I think this turned out okay. I'm pretty sure this is someone else's fetish too. God knows there's a fetish for everything else out there, and undoubtedly multiple websites for all of them.

One girl isn't absorbing the other in this so much as they are merging to become one (or something). But if you're into that other thing instead of this thing, go ahead and imagine it like that. I don't care. vOv

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Posted by naruto7568426 9 years ago Report

so sexy...nice work :3


Posted by WHTB 9 years ago Report



Posted by Imrhys 9 years ago Report


OMG, yep you found someone this is the fetish of and on several levels too: Unwilling prey for it: yes; willing prey, yes; mutual merging into one being? YES <333

And the fact you did it my favorite way: multiple panels/views, so we can see the whole process in plot progression and in this case progression of their becoming one? Whew...

Bows to the "doodling master", because I'll bet this is what I briefly saw you talking about doodling on instead of doing coding work tonight in the chat >_>


Posted by Angel 9 years ago Report

Oooh, love it. :-)


Posted by Liz 9 years ago Report

Well done indeed.

I like the idea of merge but not painful.

This looks like fun more than pain and death - Great job


Posted by haloronin 9 years ago Report

love the progression, its fantastic lien work as your usual. though a bit more color on the other girl and their skinn woudl bee nice to see whos who jsut beofre its done and we have one naked person rather then two ^_^


Posted by martyr 9 years ago Report

Where did those clothes come from? :O


Posted by WHTB 9 years ago Report

There's a time gap between the picture of her with clothes and the pic before it. =P


Posted by JackJackal 9 years ago Report

Mmmm, redheads!


Posted by Houyo 9 years ago Report

Well look at that, there was enough mass left over from the absorbtion that she grew a pair of clothes! Nah, I'm just kidding with you. I'm sure you got plenty of people already telling you this, but you're an awesome artist.

Although, I have to say, their hair seems to have gotten shorter. Of course, I'm just thinking too hard about this. =P


Posted by Humbug 9 years ago Report



Posted by boomerangfish 9 years ago Report

Ahh, beat me to it!


Posted by prisoner 9 years ago Report

I really liked that you used red hair to distinguish the two. Nice content too.


Posted by giggityman69 9 years ago Report

Been looking for this for some time, nicely done...


Posted by Paradox 9 years ago Report

AS a fan of merging i must honestly THANK YOU for drawing such a strip^^ (Fav'ed <3 )


Posted by steven1950 9 years ago Report

very good not usaly into merging so much but deffently a pic i could get into


Posted by cartoon_oracle 9 years ago Report

very well done


Posted by Feign 9 years ago Report

I love how every time you come back here you do something new and amazingly hot. Bravo.


Posted by HitomiBoy 9 years ago Report

<3 quite an amazing artwork their. Merging/absorbtion is always hot <3


Posted by LilianiMirx 9 years ago Report

Real sexy.


Posted by Drudicta 9 years ago Report

It's been a loooooooong time since I've seen merging , and I like it. =)


Posted by dodoman_1er 9 years ago Report

well this was an interesting sequence there, I don't a fetish to it, but I loved it


Posted by Vorishartist 9 years ago Report

Looks like her trunk got updated :D


Posted by WHTB 9 years ago Report

Just try not to imagine what a merge conflict might look like.


Posted by oldman40k2003 9 years ago Report

A merge conflict would be either many little copies of them, in various states of merging... or a body horror of duplicate body parts. :| Maybe a cute body horror though. :)


Posted by GREGOLE 9 years ago Report

Branching out is always fun.
While I hesitate to call it a fetish, I have always found concepts like form-shifting, merging and all that to be fascinating, and I think you handled this one really well. Sort of reminds me of that old commercial on the Sci-Fi channel, but a bit sexier. XP

The use of the colored hair was a great idea, and helps distinguish the two of them.


Posted by oldman40k2003 9 years ago Report

Also, is C code any more difficult to merge together from separate branches than Java is? Most of the time I have had to do merging with other people, the merges are fairly simple because we've all been working on separate, minimally interacting, sections of code.


Posted by WHTB 9 years ago Report

I dunno. Never had to merge Java code.

I've heard that other revision control systems make branching and merging a lot easier, but we're stuck with SVN here. And it's all I've ever used, too.


Posted by oldman40k2003 9 years ago Report

Well I can tell you from personal experience that SVN is worlds ahead of the versioning system it was made to replace, which was CVS. CVS fucking sucks, and it does things in super retarded ways. /Programmer Rage!

I keep meaning to play around with some of the more different version control software, like GIT or MERCURIAL, but I always get distracted...


Posted by WHTB 9 years ago Report

I've heard horror stories about CVS. partial commits? Ouch. That just sounds like a world of pain.

Git looks neat. I keep hearing more about Mercurial.

Oh, and I have a Perforce hat. (Swag from GDC.)


Posted by AndrewLondon 9 years ago Report

Git's fantastic. You have an awful lot of power and can generally do exactly what you want to do, if you're clever and experienced enough. The main, obvious problem is becoming clever and experienced enough.


Posted by AndrewLondon 9 years ago Report

Oh, um. Nice picture. :) The eye colours are subtle, but an additional nice touch.


Posted by WHTB 9 years ago Report

Now convince my boss of these facts. =P


Posted by ryanshowseason3 9 years ago Report

How about source safe? Has always done things near perfect for me. Conflicts are detected and its your responsibility to fix them instead of some stupid routine. Resource files are crap though you might as well get latest and start over.


Posted by oldman40k2003 9 years ago Report

I don't know about Source Safe. It is not open source, and in general when it comes to programming tools I only bother with the open source stuff, unless the company I am working for requires me to do otherwise.


Posted by Rat_Guy 9 years ago Report

I really like the final product


Posted by French_snack 9 years ago Report

Consensual, loving merge... Very nicely done. It is an appealing idea, in a strange sort of way. And good idea colouring the hair and eyes (green eyes to emphasise that it is a merge, not a one-way absorption).


Posted by Deleteduser_120 9 years ago Report

Very well done indeed. I must say, I found this a little bit frightening at first, but you have worked on each stage of this sequence really well, and it has turned out wondrously. And you're definitely right - there is a fetish for just about anything out there. Good idea to combine their colourings as well as their shapes too. Fantastically done, as always.


Posted by PrinnyDood 9 years ago Report

Hmmm, that was certainly unexpected.

...But still kinda sexy, in a weird way. :D


Posted by Rich 9 years ago Report



Posted by bigboy 9 years ago Report

WOW :)
nice verry sexy drawing


Posted by GeneralJTizzy 9 years ago Report

This reminds me of ExpiredPopsicles work on dA. o.o;



Posted by WHTB 9 years ago Report

I am ExpiredPopsicle on DA. c.c


Posted by GeneralJTizzy 9 years ago Report

Well that just makes sense. x.x


Posted by MaxTwenty 9 years ago Report

This... this. This. This this this, this this. This. THIS. This this.

Words elude me, except apparently for this.

Freakin' win? There we go.


Posted by WHTB 9 years ago Report

Thanks! XD


Posted by Gitab 9 years ago Report

Whenever I see two people merging, I wonder what it would feel like mentally. Do both people keep their conciousness, but share thoughts? Do both people's minds disappear to make way for the product? Merging two beings is a mysterious phenomenon indeed.


Posted by Avian 9 years ago Report

One of the big things I've always wondered about is why they want to do it. Asking why is one of my favorite parts of pictures.


Posted by Misasura 8 years ago Report

Gods, you have no idea how much I want to make a story out of this concept!

I think I will. Haven't written anything alone in a while. I'll give you a link if/when I finish it.


Posted by Misasura 8 years ago Report

Here we go:' target='_blank'>


Posted by ButtPlug 7 years ago Report