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Unfinished Aelia and Schoolgirls By Aesir -- Report

Uploaded: 11 years ago

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I could not get the shading on this right no matter how many times I've tried. I been working on this one and off for a very long time, and finally just got sick of it, so I'm posting it as is.

Opted to change Aelia's tail color to white instead of that ugly brown.

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Posted by Straxacore 11 years ago Report

I like it ^_^ A lot. I love the way she eats people. Sooooo sexy.

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Posted by HitomiBoy 11 years ago Report

Oooooh ^-^ Very good peice of art, shaded or not.

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Posted by swallowingalive 11 years ago Report

Sexy stuff,

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Posted by Praexon 11 years ago Report

Your nagas are always so hot <3

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Posted by Liz 11 years ago Report

Lovely work :D

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Posted by Jammacca 11 years ago Report

That's incredible. Shaded or no, it's still a work of art. <3

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Posted by KlinKitty 11 years ago Report

The position of the completely-uningested one makes me wonder something...I notice that Aelia's one of the rare nagas with a human-ish rear. Is she capable of AV?

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Posted by quicks 11 years ago Report

agreed in interest. also good pic. like your internal shots.

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Posted by Aesir 11 years ago Report

Yes she is, tho' I rarely draw it. I suppose I placed her there without realizing because I do like the idea...

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Posted by max123 11 years ago Report

yeah i think she looks better white than the brown

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Posted by steven1950 11 years ago Report

*claps*love it and good to see some new work of yours

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Posted by FreeWinona 11 years ago Report

Better look next time, I guess.

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Posted by undertaker13 11 years ago Report

long time no see gotta say worth the wait you never cease to impress "HUGGLES"

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Posted by Drudicta 11 years ago Report

wow... :///o

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Posted by Ashley_Urikoshima 11 years ago Report

It looks fantastic regardless of the shading o///o Even when eating, Aelia can keep her other meals 'busy' xD

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Posted by KinoTheCat 11 years ago Report

This is very nice, it is still great without the shading. ^^ Your art style very smooth, which is really cool. =)

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Posted by Very 11 years ago Report

Whoa, TONGUE. <3

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Posted by NinjaStuff 11 years ago Report

it's good to see some new art work from you! I love it!

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Posted by DancingQueen6281 11 years ago Report

The brown tail definitely works.

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Posted by PyroOutlander 11 years ago Report

very nice

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Posted by kernac 11 years ago Report

That is very interesting :)

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Posted by Leshana 11 years ago Report

This sort of setup, with the external scene interacting with the internal view, is cool

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Posted by zelphi 11 years ago Report

yeaaaaa tifa's back

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Posted by naruto7568426 11 years ago Report

Love it. ^_^ I hope to see more art from you, you're a great artist and I'd really love to see more.

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the lone Drow

Posted by the lone Drow 11 years ago Report

I <3 this ^-^

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Posted by Scaylid00d 11 years ago Report

WOWEE, that's uber-hott! XD
Even without shading, it's a masterpiece ♥

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Posted by BabLe7 10 years ago Report

Soooo....... this says 'unfinished'. That begs the question was it ever finished? I mean it's awesome as is.... but doesn't that almost automatically mean it will be even more awesome when it is finished?

I just confused myself. oh well.

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