The Merry Curry Universe

This folder is dedicated to the adventures of Merry Curry, a 23 years old "amateur scientist",
who has chosen a very unique field of research : the quest of all the ways to improve human (and more precisely female human, and even more precisely her own) nourishment.
She doesn't work on the food, but on the eater, and tries to discover every possiblity to eat anything, testing them on herself or on other girls (so, with her, that's F/anything-in-path vore only ^^)

She has the usefull ability (gained by standing in the collision chamber of a working particle accelerator, just to see if that tickles... and that's also why she was chased away from her university) to go from parallel universe to parallel universe, as any universe she visits (excepted her own one, of course) ends sooner or later, voluntarily or by accident (understand : too soon), in her belly/boobs/ass/vagina/belly button/whatever-you-want of her giantess, same-size or transformed (naga, mermaid, frog-girl, etc...) body... ^^

Merry, her robot helper Vobo, her voluntary test Subject Yoko Koriko, her best friend Erin O'Seross and her mother Lysa Curry are yhe main character of this universe.

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