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Xeno Unbirth-05 Transformation By Slushy

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The Queen relaxed in her nest, caressing her swollen tummy.

The soft walls of the Queen's womb throbbed, with Hot juicy liquid dripping down, filling up inside her.

The Liquid tingled against Collin's skin, as it crawled up his body. He could feel it seeping into his skin, going inside him all throughout his body.
There was nothing he could do, but squirm within this fleshy prison.

The Queen Murrred, as she felt him squirm. He was all hers now, and now all she had to do was wait, as her body transformed him into Her kind.

The Days seemed to fade into one another, inside her womb. Collins human form slowly being burned away, by the Queens hot Juices.
He could feel her heavy breathing, and every other function of her body all around him. It all became as familiar, as his own heart beat.

Her Womb began to feel less like a prison, an more like a home. The walls so soft and familiar now.

After Three Months, Collin's Human form had all but vanished from existence. Not human, nor completely Alien, But something in between... A hybrid.
His memories felt so distant now, like a dream.
But still there deep within him, his consciousness remained intact.

The Queen smiled to herself... soon it would be time to give birth to her new child.

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Posted by steven1950 7 years ago

*claps*amazing job got to love this story everything was epic!


Posted by Slushy 7 years ago

Thank you vary much! <3


Posted by acrylic 7 years ago

though non-human is not my type, this one was really good!

won't you try another unbirth like this?


Posted by dragonfred 7 years ago



Posted by acrylic 7 years ago

won't you try another? Slushy god.


Posted by Sith 7 years ago

Defiantly one of my favorite unbirth stories. Very good story line and art I hope you make more comics like this. <3

Id assume thats how some aliens would multiply, being parasites and using other living things to change to there young, this species of alien in particular does it in the nicest way possible which were all familiar with. ^^

Shame you don't get to see the outside of her belly grow too, seeing an actual alien pregnancy pass by would be the first, id assume she would get pretty big too, due to the significant size change of the human, unless you still working on this of course. ^^


Posted by Bakura 7 years ago

There has to be more stuff like this! Bravo!!

Eat meh

Posted by Eat meh 6 years ago

This could work canonically. Nice story by the way.


Posted by winged-panther 6 years ago

Is he gonna be classified as a xeno prince or something?


Posted by darkspriter 6 years ago

more please?


Posted by nysmnyd 4 years ago

it's a great story, but I do have one problem with it, when the xenomorph impregnates a host, the offspring is always a hybrid, as the pure strain xenomorphs are the face huggers, so what you put forward as something new, is what happens anyway


Posted by Unbirthlover2014 3 years ago

Do the birth pic plz


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 1 year ago

And, Its Lore friendly, and Immersive as F%&K too x3