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'Indy' Anna Jane and the Den of the Naga By Aesir -- Report

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Why's it always have to be snakes?

'Anna Jane was a treasure hunter and tomb raider by nature, although she always went on her dangerous treasure hunts alone. Having no team, she became known as 'Independent Anna', or just 'Indy Anna'. After getting a tip about a buried temple in the middle of the desert, she set off again, however a young girl who wanted to be a treasure hunter herself managed to tag along this time.'

Well, things didn't go as planned. Obviously. This is a very early part of Aelia's Den, which is, as said, a buried temple in a desert.

...Also, icouldn't think of a parody name for Short Round. I dunno when this turned into and Indiana Jones joke, but it was likely when I stared at the first panel and thought that line in my head...I then proceeded to add a hat to 'Anna'.

May continue with the little loli love there, but not 100% on what to do. Eat, Unbirth...bad touch. I dunno. Aelia obviously still wants somethin'. What do you think?

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Posted by Reiko 10 years ago Report

Ooooo Aelia needs to scarf down the little lamb! :D Poor Indy can't digest alone >:3

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Posted by Jack 10 years ago Report

I can only agree to Reiko here. Let the two explore Aelia's body further together.
Still like that naga. I am so glad to see you back. :)

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Posted by Guillis 10 years ago Report

I'm gonna add a third agreement here. There isn't enough soft loli vore.
*Crosses fingers for headfirst*

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Posted by Misasura 10 years ago Report

Fourthed. Slowly though, make sure her desert squirms.

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Posted by Demicus 9 years ago Report

fifth'd! Maybe have the two meet one last time in the stomach!

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Posted by SherlokKiril 1 year ago Report

I am with you

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Posted by Lonewolf 10 years ago Report

Another excellent work I see.

I vote unbirth

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Posted by haloronin 10 years ago Report

I vote. tumym slave and coil massages

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Posted by CGR-7 10 years ago Report

Haha. Great job Tifa, awesome parody work.

I vote for a quick loli love session then unbirth as insult to injury. Good luck.

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Posted by BabLe7 10 years ago Report

I wholeheartedly agree!

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Posted by giggityman69 10 years ago Report

Unbirth for sure... Yup. Awesome work by the way.

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Posted by ndnode 10 years ago Report

I'll go with haloronin on this one, a stomach slave would be an awesome concept. always love seeing you work by the way, great job!

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Posted by Dragonjaj 10 years ago Report

Loli love naga uses her as a dilldo to git of then eats her after that

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Posted by Gitab 10 years ago Report

I say she tricks the naga into eating itself. Or eats the naga. Alternatively, she could rub the naga's belly then make love, because she's friends with the naga and orchestrated the whole fiasco here. <3

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Posted by IkazayimAkodon 10 years ago Report

Hm...I guess I'm the only who votes for at least little bit of yuri scene first -shrugs-

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Posted by BardicLasher 9 years ago Report

I would also like a nice Yuri scene first... And then eat her.

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Posted by acrylic 10 years ago Report

unbirth for sure

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Posted by DragonOfEmerald 10 years ago Report

Aelia is very nimble with her tongue isn't she? And I, personally, vote for unbirth.

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Posted by UltimaSlash 10 years ago Report

Have her join Indy by swallowing!

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Posted by Ryovis90 10 years ago Report

I vote UB. Personal favorite honestly. Aside from my voting, very well done ^^

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Posted by brmewt66 10 years ago Report

thaty aaaaaaaaaaa+++++++++++++++

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Posted by HitomiBoy 10 years ago Report

Perhaps keeps her as a pet for a little while. or let her go :P. But UB would be nice as always :3

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Posted by Ashley_Urikoshima 10 years ago Report

*Wants to be said Loli* T_T

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Posted by blackrain 10 years ago Report

Wonderful drawing!

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Posted by RoTheHuman 10 years ago Report

Ooh nice! I vote for loli oral vore! Especially if there's some nice stomach/digestion shots of it, because you do those so well. Also, some lovin before hand is nice too! *crosses fingers*

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Posted by Demihunger 10 years ago Report

I have to say that her new looks seem to fit her perfectly, even more than what I expected.

Great artwork.

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Posted by Imrhys 10 years ago Report

I loved watching this being worked on last night on livestream. And even then I was thinking UB'ing would be perfect. Aelia toying with her letting her feel what is happening to Indi inside her coils, before offering her a "survivable" alternative to becoming Aelia's next snack.

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Posted by Aces 10 years ago Report

Haven't seen any unbirthing in a while. Normally I'd opt for oral, but why not UB? :3

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Posted by Slider 10 years ago Report

Great work and UB!

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Posted by Junogray 10 years ago Report

I say UB, cause when you do UB, its always awesome, besides, she can always be eaten later Xp

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Posted by V 10 years ago Report

I guess she didn't need to wait 1,000 years to be worth something to someone!

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Posted by Tetrahedron 10 years ago Report

UB, your the best, dont stop drawing

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Posted by Tsavo 10 years ago Report

Great work as always. You're somehow able to do same-size without making it look ridiculous. I have no idea how.
And I go with eat her up. Wouldn't want the other girl to get lonely. :p

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Posted by dr34m3r 10 years ago Report

I Say the girl orchestrated the whole thing to get rid of competition and actually likes Aelina or something along those lines...But she didn't expect Aelina to take a liking to her as well.

Votes for Unbirth and crosses fingers.

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Posted by giantessfanx 10 years ago Report

Anything compliments I could give have pretty much already been given. Nice job.

And I think I'll throw in my vote for unbirth

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Posted by RikuHidanza 10 years ago Report

beautiful artwork, i really like her new look the markings under her eyes are really cool.

i'm gonna cast my vote for something different a little AV never hurts and it solves the problem of indy being lonely asuming they get the chance to meet up in there.

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Posted by Ome 10 years ago Report

I cast my vote for UB

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Posted by empatheticapathy 10 years ago Report

Bad touch. Bad touch.

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Posted by donitard 10 years ago Report

I LOVE how vicious she is :3

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Posted by zelphi 10 years ago Report

ub sounds hella sweet ^_^

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Posted by Amberain 10 years ago Report

I vote for UB, but I'll be watching for the result regardless.

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Posted by Razgriz 10 years ago Report

Unbirth would be nice, but vore or love would be cute too. :)

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Posted by Karbo 10 years ago Report

Ohh great sequence :) very nie job on the poses and expressions here ^^

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Posted by Lordviral 10 years ago Report

A little bit of love, then a bit of vore is my suggestion :3

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Posted by The_Green_Oni 10 years ago Report

I say bad touch, then eat.

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Posted by BlazingAlchemist 10 years ago Report

i vote eat then indy unbirths her or something

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Posted by Siege 10 years ago Report

Love it when you have a pigtail or something sticking out of the mouths of your preds.

This also seems to be one of few pictures you've done that didn't have any butts being emphasized, which disappoints me, but its still great work.

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Posted by SomeGuy89 10 years ago Report

u can atleast have Aelia have some fun with her first

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Posted by Aces 10 years ago Report

Hm, I wonder if...

How about she unbirths her for the moment, then when she gets hungry again, she lets out the smaller girl and then swallows her up? :O

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Posted by RamaRamaDingo 10 years ago Report

Second!!! ^.^

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Posted by subjectivity 10 years ago Report

If Aelia swallows the loli head first, she could "bad touch" her on the way down, pushing her in as she gropes and fingers her. You did that well with Tor recently.

Then, because the loli went head first, she can meet up face to face with Anna inside in one of your classic internal views, since Anna went feet first, and they can either kiss or look all sad at each other, knowing there's no one left outside to save them.

Your drawings of facial expressions and female anatomy remain the best I've seen. Really professional stuff. Anna's pose in that second image is breath taking, the way she arches her back. There's just enough detail in your sketches to draw attention to every inch of their beautiful bodies, without cluttering anything with too many lines.

Just to add one tiny desire into all the praise... any plans to color your work again, as you did long ago? I realize that's more practical with your pin-ups than these comics, but your sketches are just too perfect to remain so bare. Colors with shading gives that 3D effect that makes it look so much more real. Maybe a friend of yours could do the coloring? Someone you trust?

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Posted by Aesir 10 years ago Report

I doubt anyone I know would be too interested in coloring. I, myself, generally find it to be a pain. I'm also not too spectacular at it.

Coloring will likely stay only for pinups and oneshots.

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Posted by OrcaSnack-Garth 10 years ago Report

"Nagas... Why'd it have to be nagas?" XD

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Posted by Gypa 10 years ago Report

How about continue this with loli love and then loli vore.:)

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Posted by psvorefan1520 9 years ago Report

How in the world does she ingest all that and not gain weight? I know people who eat a quarter-pound burger from McDonald's and gain two pounds!

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Posted by acetheonly 9 years ago Report

I hope it ends in unbirth

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Posted by SherlokKiril 1 year ago Report

Comic with treasure hunters eaten by Aelia would be neat

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