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Salo: Salo and his mom wander through the muddy swamp at a leisurely pace, looking for someone they could stuff up their butts. So far, they haven't had any luck, but they keep looking, slogging through the soft mud...
Arl: Arl grunted as he padded through the muck of the swamp, his paws sinking into the mud. "Gah...muddy..." he whined, placing a paw against a tree and trying to pull himself out, almost losing his balance and falling face first into the mud.
Salo: Salo suddenly smells someone nearby, and he and his mom rush over to find out who it is. Upon seeing you, their faces light up, and they walk up to you, mischievous grins on their faces. "Hey look lost...want us to help you outta here?" Salo says, trying to hide the lust in his voice, but failing miserably...
Arl: Arl looked up from his feet, blushing at the sight of the large wolves that had greeted him. "Y-Yeah, I'm just a little bit lost..." he says, surprised that they'd help a stranger. "T-That'd be great, thank you. I'm heh...kinda stuck in the mud."
Salo: Salo chuckles a bit and steps closer to you. "Hehe...I can see that...'d you like to help us at the same time we help you? See, we're really hungry, and we were wondering if you'd let us eat you...the thing is, we eat with our butts..." Salo says, turning around and lifting his tail, showing off his large cheeks and big asshole to you. "Whaddaya say?"
Arl: The wuff blushes deeply at the sight of Salo's massive ass and pucker, giving a soft giggle. "H-Hehe...y-your butts h-huh? S...Sure, I wouldn't mind that," he says, trying to hide the slight bulge in his pants.
Salo: Salo and his mom grin at your response, and Salo backs up, knocking you flat on your back in the mud. "Great! Now, there's one more thing we need to do first...we both have to take huge dumps! Hope ya don't mind us going on you!" Salo says, not really waiting for an answer as he starts to push. Soon, huge farts start ripping from Salo's ass, each one lasting no less than ten seconds!
Arl: Arl let out a meep as he was knocked back, landing with a splash in the mud and seeing his large ass hovering over his head, looking at the large hole opening with each sputtering fart.
Salo: Salo grunts as he keeps ripping the huge farts down over you, the blasts blowing back your fur and forcing you down a bit into the mud. "Mmh...better get...mmph...ready! ...This is...ahh...gonna be...hmm...huge!" Salo manages to grunt in between the loud farts. His mom just stands there and watches for the time being...
Arl: Arl panted between each rank smelling fart, sniffing the stink filling his airspace as he was pushed further into the mud by the heated bursts. His eyes caught sight of Salo's mom, making him wonder what she was going to do.
Salo: Salo keeps letting the farts sputter out noisily for a few more minutes, before the sound is replaced by the wet squishing of a huge turd slowly pushing its way out of the wolf's ass. The big log of shit squishes over your head slowly, making loud squelching sounds as it completely covers your head. Salo's mom soon decides to join in, and comes over to you as well, standing with her ass above your feet, and in Salo's face. She then lets out one huge fart that shakes the trees around us, and from that proceeds to unload a gigantic pile of shit onto your feet, covering them in a matter of seconds in the soft, wet waste. " ya likin' this so far? We're liking it a lot!" Salo chuckles.
Arl: The wuff moans out in surprise as he felt his feet being covered in waste from the large wolfess's ass. He let out several pants under the crap, feeling some go down his throat with lewd squishes, but pulling a hand up and giving a thumbs up to show he was loving every minute.
Salo: Salo murrs as he watches his mom taking her dump right in front of him, while at the same time continuing his own dump on you. By now, his shit has spread down over your chest, while Verona's crap now covers your knees. "Mmh...good... Let's keep it that way, ok Mom? Hehe..." Salo says. His mom replies, "Oh, don't worry... I've still got plenty of shit left in here..." she reaches back and smacks her ass, making the cheeks jiggle a bit.
Arl: Murmuring under the vast amount of shit, Arl gave little wiggles in the sludge, the powerful stink getting him aroused with a happy moan. "Ooooo...t-this is strange...but fun...~" he murrls under it.
Salo: Salo and Verona keep pushing shit out onto you, not stopping for a moment. Soon, Salo is so close to his mom's ass that he actually pushes his head up into her bowels as she continues shitting around it, both of them moaning in pleasure. A lot of the shit is forced straight into Salo's mouth, but he swallows it happily as he continues his own dump on your upper half. "Mmh...God Mom, you're amazing..." Salo manages to get out, muffled by the massive amount of dung.
Arl: Under the shitting wolves, the tiny wuff continued to moan loudly, panting harder and harder as the hot globs of shit flowed down over his body like fudgy mud. He wiggled inside the muck, hearing Salo muffling something to his mom.
Salo: Salo soon end up burying you, as well as themselves, under the enormous shit heap. Salo keeps going for a few minutes longer, but eventually stops, not wanting to run out before you got in him. Verona, on the other hand, keeps her dump going even longer, not stopping for at least five minutes after Salo. When she finally stops, Salo pulls his head out of her ass momentarily. ", that was great! Now, how'd ya like to go up Mom's ass? I can give ya some extra 'help' too if ya need it!"
Arl: The tiny wuff wiggled softly, blinking when he heard Salo's little offer. "Y...You're mum's ass?" he asks with a soft squeak, blushing at the thought of extra help. "W-Well er...s-sure...if it isn't a problem..."
Salo: Salo chuckles a bit, moving to your head and flipping you over onto your stomach. Verona then lies down in front of you, her ass just inches from your face. Salo lies down on top of you, positioning his 8-inch cock just outside your own tailhole. He soon starts pushing it in, while at the same time pushing you a bit closer to his mom's puckering anus... "Mmh...! Ohh...yeah..."
Arl: Arl blushed, seeing the massive puckering anus, taking soft sniffs of the nasty scented hole before being pressed against it by a thick lupine cock. "O-Ooooo..."
Salo: Salo moans in pleasure, starting to hump your ass, as your head starts to press against Verona's anal pucker. Soon, Salo is humping you so hard that your head is pushed through the opening, now inside the wolfess's packed bowels. The shit-filled intestines hug your head tightly, pressing the hot, soft crap into your fur and skin. "Ohh...! Mmm! Ah...keep going hun..." Verona gasps out.
Arl: The wuff meeped in surprise and slight delight, feeling his ass being humped so easily by the male wolf, which in turn drove him deeper into the smelly female asshole. He felt surprised at the amount of crap still packed inside, but all he could do was try to enjoy this; which thankfully he was.
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I'm honestly surprised I never uploaded this... o_o;

Oh well, in any case, enjoy! :3

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Yes yes, I love this stuff!