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Yuffie v the Ocha Part 2 By Latroma

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The Pollen was overwhelming. On the best of days, Yuffie wouldn't have taken on an Ochu solo, but here almost all of her gear was disabled already, and this thing had ahold of her. The air was saturated with chemicals that made her limbs feel woozy, like they didn't want to move properly.

But that didn't damage her sense of touch, however much she had wished otherwise. As she tried to wrench her hand free to use her one working dart, she could feel it gripping tight over her armored glove and planting the petals to her mouth. It wasn't just some normal stamen. It was prehensile and it was shoving its way past her lips. Her eyes rolled a little back in her head while she fought for breath, the thing invading her throat roughly.

She tried to concentrate as it got worse and her clothes suffered, more fabric tearing. The twisted sensation of those tendrils trying to subdue her had her almost unable to think properly. The one below had latched to her labia and pried it open, shoving the stamen hard into her and fucking her over and over again, dragging gasps and pants from her over the one in her mouth. Saliva was starting to drip down one of her legs and she could see the creature's prominent fangs over her shoulders as the back of her head pressed to its jaws.

It was then that it finally relinquished her maw and wound firmly around her gloved limb. She was panting loudly, crying out as she tried to hold back, pressing her hands to the beast's lips, looking around for a sign of a familiar face, but only a perverse, unknown audience watched her plight, promising no salvation as her strength began to ebb and she could feel her biology being dragged over the edge. If she lost control to the Ochu's abuse, if she came and succumbed to the inevitable weakness that followed, her hands would surely slip and it would be over...

To be continued?


Yuffie Kisaragi & Ochi (c) Squaresoft

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