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Yuffie v the Ochu Part 3 By Latroma -- Report

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Yuffie felt her head go light and woozie for a split second, shuddered and cried out. The stamen raping her finally had overwhelmed her and she was caught in the throws of a violent orgasm, her screams of shame and ecstasy engendering hoots and jeers from the crowd watching her fate. As she came down, she could feel the light-headed weakness draining her limbs and her grip slipped slightly. With a violant force, the Ochu's tongue yanked her into its maw, those tendrils helping the way. It opened its gaping mouth just enough to admit her and began closing it to pin her in an awkward position while its tongue slid around her waist and the tentacles began to release her. The far more powerful muscle gripped at her waist and dragged her towards a small sphincter at the base of where it attached to the back of the chamber. As the woman's pert, athletic rear was pressed to the gap, it began to widen and try to draw her in.

Lights felt like they flickered before her eyes and Yuffie panted hard, reaching out with her hands as the bindings began to lessen to grip the creature's lips, fighting against the pollen's effects and her own weakness. She glanced back and saw the hole forming in the rear of its mouth. It dawned on her what her trainer's had lectured about plants like these, that their digestive organs were in the base of the creatures since they were mobile plants. When they captured prey of sufficient size, they would pull them down via their tentacles, subdue them and expand their bases, taking on roots temporarily. She vaguely recalled that the process wasn't a fast one... and didn't expect it to be pleasant at all.

Gritting her teeth, she risked a glance outside and into the arena. Yuffie spat out at the arena master and shouted, "When I cut my way out of here, I'm coming for you next! End the fight!"

Laughter attended her and she frantically wondered where Vincent was. She'd saved his ass. He owed her. Where the hell was that brooding son of a bitch when she needed him? She'd take any of the other WRO idiots if they just got her out of this jam.

Twisting in the thing's grip, she could feel her fingers starting to give, the creature content to take its time overpowering her. Oh god, the bastard was spreading her legs with its tongue and pushing its way back in! She couldn't hold out much longer if it kept raping her to exhaustion, especially since it didn't feel any weaker in the process. Worst of all, she was fairly certain she'd lost her last knife outside, and so her threats were pretty much only that. "Please...," she whispered, desperately

The Ochu, meanwhile, was patient. She'd give in eventually and it could release its tentacles once she was in the tight grip of its esophagial tract. For now, all it had to do was wear her down. The tougher prey were always worth it.


Yuffie Kisaragi & Ochu (c) Squaresoft

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