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Yuffie v the Ochu Part 4 By Latroma -- Report

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The Ochu's tongue gripped hard on Yuffie's frail body. It pried her legs wider and shoved itself into her, fucking her mercilessly while she tried not to concentrate on the vicious, brutal behavior. Inch by inch, though, the depravity worked her over and she felt a second climax slowly build through its patient work. She tried to break free, finding her strength less than sufficient and the position to awkward to move free of because of the thing's fangs. And then, those sensations finally overwhelmed her once more, bringing another shamed cry, and this time a more complete collapse of her strength, her limbs feeling like jelly for a critical second.

It took that second and yanked back hard, shoving into her in the process. Feeling her grip slacken, Yuffie yelped as the muscle used enough force to finally dislodge her from its lips and press her rear back to the sphincter of its throat. There was a pulse and it was wrapping around her, sucking hard by pulsing action similar to animal muscles. She didn't have long before her body was being dragged in with no hope to grab hold of anything.

Sliding into a swiftly expanding cavity, butt-first through the narrow aperture, Yuffy could feel the slimy, grime-covered depths and detect an acrid, fetid odor. Oddly enough, she could also detect just a bit of light within the space. It didn't make much sense as she was kneaded by the esophageal tract, but she refrained from thinking about anything but trying to pull her way free somehow. A strong grip, however, at her top began to shear the fabric and hurtle her down into the depths.

With an unceremonious plopping sound, she found herself in the space of the creature's stomach. Lessons about Ochu ran through her mind even as she awkwardly used her hands and legs to try and pry as much space as possible. The faintly green digestive fluids sluiced down onto her body from every side, beginning to fill the base parts of the space and making her cringe. She remembered her lessons and knew that the digestive process took days to complete with a 'meal' this size, and that the creature would use a trick to keep her alive as long as possible to avoid morbid decay of the meat prematurely. If she didn't get free, her last days would be a living hell.

"Please... Vincent, get here and cut me out of this thing," she muttered to herself before noticing what was causing the light in the chamber, allowing her to see the dark red walls and the greenish digestive fluids. There were two cameras hooked to the flesh and through into the lining of the creature, deep enough not to be removable and durable. "Oh... my god! You sick, twisted, depraved fucks are filming me as I die here?!?" she shouted, reaching up to pound at one before opening her mouth to cry out again.

No words came out, as that cry solicited the next act of the beast. A tendril with a suction cup slipped nimbly around her throat and gripped to her face, strangling off her next retort before it shoved a bone-hard plate between her teeth, using the suction to keep her lips open. She recognized the fleshy sensation of the tube shoving itself into her throat. It was meant to pump oxygen into her and prevent suicide by biting off her tongue. If the acids didn't overwhelm and kill her in the next few days, eventually dehydration would finish the job. She was now trapped, forced to die a slow death of agony and delirium. She almost wanted to cry, but she wouldn't give them the satisfaction... at least not yet anyway. It was only itching for now.

Of course, her clothes didn't stand much of a chance. Polycarbon synthetics practically melted away and the enzymes reacted to tanned leather aggressively, giving her hot sensations along her body as she was being scoured and stripped of all but the metal in her clothes. Raw flesh, however, took time to break down, and the beast was moving to a secure location to put down roots and take its time enjoying her.

She thought frantically. She was doomed at this point. Her weapon was broken and outside in the arena. She idly wondered if Cait Sith's user had finally turned on her, which would explain why Vincent might not know where she was. There were plenty of other enemies of she and the others too, but that line of questioning wasn't fruitful. She was unarmed and unarmored, at the mercy of slow digestion and unable to break free. Those walls wouldn't give way to fists. Wait, didn't she have a materia lodged in her arm band?

She almost laughed into the thing filling her throat and making her wanting to gag. Keeping a glare on the camera and muscling around, she checked. Indeed, the linked pair were still there, an old final attack she'd swiped from Cloud after that whole incident involving Kadaj and a copy of the Phoenix materia. The touch was fleeting but confirmed they were stiill broken. However, they were contacting her skin... The breaking effect wasn't permanent, though she was certain there was a damping field still. She had to pray that it would fade before she went crazy and died from exposure or dehydration. If she was lucky, it would activate in the last fleeting seconds of her life and undue this whole horrific mess.

...of course, regardless, she faintly resigned herself to the thought of that horrific, agonizing pain. Could she even stay sane like this? Focusing her mind on getting a good swift punch in at Vincent for not rescuing her like the white knight mister broods-alot was supposed to be, she tried to take her mind off of the slightly growing itch or the fact that she was completely naked in front of these perverted freaks watching her die.

To be continued?


Yuffie Kisaragi & Ochu (c) Squaresoft


Artist Note: I am still undecided if I want her materia to work and rise her from the ashes, or if I want those juices to finish her off and ruin her futile, desperate hopes.

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Posted by AssIdolizer 7 years ago Report

I always really like fatality, but I really want to see my favorite cheeky ninja make it through this one. Good series so far, and the choice is yours!

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