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Mukat and the Beach Giantess - Part 2 By rika

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Tags: beach F/F Giantess Macro Mawshot Micro Mukat Mukatkikaarn POV Soft Vore Swallowing Edit

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yay! part 2 and the bulk of the story :)

mukat is picked up by the giantess and quickly swallowed up.

...well a few things stick out with this pic, first of all i hate profile views. second, i am inconsistent when drawing sequences. third, more ink blotches...

once again, i do not own Mukat Ki'Kaarn in any way. Shi belongs to Mukat, clearly.

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Posted by miked411711 6 years ago

...Well,I still like it regardless of mistakes...mistakes make it better if you tried hard.:D


Posted by rika 6 years ago

thx i do think that this pic is one of my better ones despite mistakes... except that my mistakes are usually made by rushing.
i find it harder to draw with someone else's OC. mukat's color looks like a player 2 palette swap when someone chooses the same character


Posted by miked411711 6 years ago

Hahahaha,what an odd way to compare her color...but,I like the originality(ish) of that...XD

Hey...why rush?...Got somewhere to go?X3


Posted by rika 6 years ago

thx, i don't know where i got that comparison from

*yelling to friends* "Hey! Someone pick someone other than Ike or I'm picking Meta-Knight and button mashing like crazy!"

Ahem... where was I?

I rush because
1. I'm always working (usually strange shifts).
2. I'm over excited about finishing pic or starting another pic.

Obscure reference alert: Have you ever seen the Dexter's Laboratory where Dexter accidently goes to the old section of his lab. His old creations confront him and he learns that he is always working on his next project before he can enjoy the invention he just completed. I'm similar to that with my drawings.
Did you see the Monkey segment of Dexter's Laboratory where Monkey fights Rasslar voiced by Macho Man Randy Savage? (No comparison there, i just liked that episode :) )


Posted by miked411711 6 years ago

That's makes much more sense now...

Sadly,I have not...and my mom just stopped Netflix today.XD