"Intimacy" (Story)

To understand the trials and tribulations of a person, we must first look to their tragic beginnings.

This is the exposition piece, the introduction to our villain.

A man in appearance only, Danny has worked in secret tirelessly, perfecting his craft : consuming women.

But he has become warped by the very obsessive desires that drive him, and he begins to yearn for a deeper, more dangerous quality of intimacy with his beloved.

But -- he resists. For years he resists. He dare not carry out the one dark fantasy that would destroy the only woman he loves.

But he wonders, he wishes, and he hopes, and day in and day out the resentment begins to build.

Until it festers like a wound.

And, one fateful hour in the pre-dawn as she approaches him, suspicious and hurting -- he spirals down into madness.

Enter, our story. Be swept away by this intense introspective piece as the world narrows to their private, gasping destruction.

This is the beginning after all.

This piece is in the process of being re-written as of January 8th 2013.

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