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Uvuzi By RenaAyama -- Report

Uploaded: 10 years ago

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(please no coment about the bad talking about my work. Its just my own opinion and feeling about the drawing from what I wanted to draw and what I got as result. I know its not a horrible bad drawing and some people will still like it)

*sigh* ok even I wanted to draw her for such a long time I just always failed and have thrown away the sketches.

Also wanted to do it with this one but Forceswerwolf said no and I just wanted to finish something tonight so the day was not just wasted...

Still kinda dissapointing result as I expected, just still can't draw her. Well, I'm not thaaaaat good with snake content anyway. I'm actually not even sure what I don't like on this one but its just not how I wanted to draw it :/

Still happy about the overall quality and quantity of my art thanks to my "new art style"

Sorry Strega, hope I can draw her better sometimes ._.

I'm such an easy prey -.-

Uvuzi ©  Strega
Bulge © me :P

Comment on Uvuzi


Posted by 4ofSwords 10 years ago Report

Absolutely fantastic take on e Uvuzi!

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Posted by Indighost 10 years ago Report

I love it! This might be my favorite version of the character. :)

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Posted by Hawksoul08 10 years ago Report

OMG! She is So HOT! <3

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Posted by KitsuneSonya 10 years ago Report

You may think you have problems with the snake characteristics, but you got the other half with her skunkness right on the mark. Honestly, I think that is the fluffiest version of her i've seen so far, and I like it.

If she wasn't so dangerous, i'd rub her cheek-fluff. ^^;

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Posted by orca13 10 years ago Report

I think it's neat

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Posted by Scyv 10 years ago Report

It looks amazing!

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Posted by Bright 10 years ago Report

Really interesting to see her in your style. I think the use of shadows came out quite nicely with the bulges and all.

What did she eat if I may ask?

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Posted by KitsuneSonya 10 years ago Report

She ate Swift, ofcourse. See the white tailfluff out her mouth?
Plus, he did say he was such easy prey. ^^

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Posted by jace 10 years ago Report

this is bad assed

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Posted by Sukanar 10 years ago Report

i think you did a fantastic job! :D

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Posted by Strega 10 years ago Report

Unexpected art of my characters is the best kind! Don't worry about any little problems you see. You know what they say, every artist is their own worst critic. Everyone ELSE (except art critics) just say "Oh wow, new art of a character I like." 83

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Posted by Eka 10 years ago Report

I dunno... the pixels are like, everywhere.
Just kidding of course. Strega is more right then I have ever been right about this.

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Posted by banzai 10 years ago Report

I think you did great! Everyone have a different drawing style, but there is no doubt who this character is :D

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Posted by ForcesWerwolf 10 years ago Report

dat tongue!

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Posted by Dragonlord 10 years ago Report

Your disappointed by this? If I'd done it I'd consider it one of my best works!

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Posted by DigitalRed 10 years ago Report

Nice, I like the bulge squeezing.

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Posted by wolftrax 10 years ago Report

Wow Rena, she's beautiful!! Terrific work! She's sooo sexy. Too bad she's so dangerous.

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Posted by Chain 10 years ago Report

I like it. Have more faith in yourself :)

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Posted by ShadeSilverbat 8 years ago Report

lol what are you talking about Rena, its amazing. You shouldn't beat yourself up about it. Snakes are a pain in the ass to draw anyways.

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Posted by architectap12 8 years ago Report

I very much enjoy this picture

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Posted by Ev0nix 6 months ago Report

It's good, the lightning especially.

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