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Aftethoughts 4 By Strega -- Report

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(He only reads it for the articles. Honest).

Sillest "Aftethoughts" pic yet, since I our friend the dragon eating gold dragon certainly doesn't have a human-style bathroom. Plus, there's no reason red dragons would be "spicier" than other ones. Still, the "ring of fire" theme was too obvious to ignore. 83

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Posted by ublover1 11 years ago Report

How bout u eat me sexy dragon ill womt give u the shits and ill.gladly be willing to go in u lol


Posted by Bright 11 years ago Report

Haha, this one had me laughing quite much.


Posted by Eupeptic 11 years ago Report

TIL that dragons can read English, but right-to-left. Also that it's hard to do "x.95" with gold.


Posted by Strega 11 years ago Report

I'm...I'm not sure I understood any of that. Yes, the magazines are obviously an anarchronism, like the bathroom itself. X.95? "TIL that dragons"? I'm confused.


Posted by Eupeptic 11 years ago Report

TIL = Today I Learned. Popular as part of Reddit thread titles.

"Right-to-left" was a too-subtle comment on the apparent relative placement of the magazine covers; assuming that "Big Tailz" is the name of the magazine, that would normally be on the front cover, which would generally be in one's left hand/paw/talons, at least the way magazines are printed in the US. I was suggesting that if the covers on dragon pr0n really are that way, then maybe they print right-to-left, like Hebrew and a few other languages.

"x.95" refers to the common retail pricing of items just under a whole dollar (or whole Euro or whatever) amount. $19.95, $39.99, etc. It's harder to do this if your currency doesn't come in any smaller units than "pieces", which is presumably why the inflatable dragon is exactly 44 gold. (I vaguely remember that 1 gold was equal to several silver, but it doesn't flow as well, nor fit as well on the cover, to say "43 gold 3 silver" or similar.)


Posted by Strega 11 years ago Report

Hey, you're right! The magazine is reversed. I didn't catch that, obviously, and it's too late to fix now.

Originally the inflatable dragoness was going to be in a dollar amount, then in named coins (Silver pieces are Lunars in my D&D world, for example). I decided that dollars were too anachronistic and named coins too confusing, so we ended up with the cover shown.


Posted by Bakura 11 years ago Report

Pah, that's nothing, I'm one of the few who've eaten the Bhut Jolokia chili pepper before... I don't like to talk about it...


Posted by kernac 11 years ago Report

Heh, he must be a pretty powerful dragon to eat all those other dragons^^


Posted by Strega 11 years ago Report

Well, Golds are the most powerful common dragons, but there are joke strips. We know for sure he's eaten a black dragon, the others we can't be sure about.


Posted by orca13 11 years ago Report

XD lol


Posted by Imrhys 11 years ago Report

Lol, definitely too obvious to ignore :D


Posted by Cougar 11 years ago Report

He must've eaten that red Dragon with cayenne pepper!


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 11 years ago Report

oh gawd.... XD firey aftertaste


Posted by Sunkissedlover 6 years ago Report

Ha I live in Texas, a jalapeno is nothing to me! Lol. Love the pic, can't figure out why I never saw this one till just now..


Posted by Strega 6 years ago Report

Some people like their food -and their dragon meals - bland. 83


Posted by Sunkissedlover 6 years ago Report

Mean while my pregnant tummy demands the spiciest food around! lol


Posted by Vorachist22 2 years ago Report

I love his expression.