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The tiger hunt 4 By Strega -- Report

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The tiger paced into the jungle, slowed only slightly by his passengers. Above, his rider was a welcome burden; below, a heavier mass sloshed in his swaying belly.

In a sense one was responsible for the other. He had been willing to ignore and avoid the tiger hunters until the Sikh woman convinced him that they were a genuine threat and would hound him until he was forced to fight. With the information she provided by ingratiating herself with their leader he had perfect intelligence on their actions and movements. One by one they vanished down his gullet, and each time he left the regurgitated scraps of their clothing where it would be found. Infuriated, they took more and more foolish chances in hunting him, until at last their leader had joined the rest in his stomach.

He swiveled an ear to take in the inconsequential chatter of his living passenger. Her he wouldn't eat unless she made him very angry, but food was hardly the only use he had for a friendly and willing woman.


And so the ugly truth emerges. Poor Winchester never saw the betrayal, or the tiger, coming. His own mistress arranged for his current trip through the cat's digestive system, because odd as it sounds, the tiger treated the village better than the arrogant Westerners. It disposes of the criminals they tie up and leave in the jungle, and other than an occasional tryst with a curious woman (or, more rarely, a curious man) it otherwise leaves them be. It's not a Lady From Niger situation, not with this tiger, but it's certainly a “Ride Exchange” one: If you want a ride on the tiger's back, it's going to expect to ride you in return.

Also, my life would be easier if I didn't have a male feral/human woman fetish, since no matter how hard I try I suck at human faces. 83

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Posted by voreexpert176 11 years ago Report

Awesome work.


Posted by red88 11 years ago Report

I like where this one one is going :)


Posted by Nibor 11 years ago Report

wow. she was a double agent who betrayed them to the tiger. I did not see this coming... Yoshi!


Posted by Imrhys 11 years ago Report

Yes, we saw this coming, but it is nice to have the "rest of the story". Feral and human woman fetish, lol. It seems nature has balanced you out by making you hurt your own eyes each time you "indulge" this one fetish.

Luckily, you have others :P


Posted by miranda_dragon 11 years ago Report

It's worth the effort I think, since male feral on /human woman is quite hot.


Posted by KitsuneSonya 11 years ago Report

I so saw this comming after the comment in the last one about the hunter's mistress 'leaving' him. *chuckles*


Posted by icn 11 years ago Report

practice makes perfect, or you could try anthros that are barely non-human, some of those are hot. Brony?


Posted by Gold_King 11 years ago Report

IDK. While I'd normally be the first to point out how odd the woman looks, some how it works.


Posted by Achilles 11 years ago Report

Great job, I like this whole series. Thank you.


Posted by Frednurk 11 years ago Report

Hmm. I reckon that woman must have committed some sort of crime worthy of the tiger's attention. I mean, the bar's gotta get lower the hungrier he gets, right?


Posted by Motig 11 years ago Report

IMHO your human faces have been improving!